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Today's Sapphire

The Master and The Duplicates

Wednesday, November 24, 2021

When I do a message or teaching, I record it. It's called the master. Then the master is put into a duplicating machine to go on DVD's or CD's. The DVD's or CD's are blank. They are lined up, ready to go and at this point they are called slaves because all they do is follow the master. The master just plays out and the impulses are received onto the blanks, and at the end the blanks are copies of the master. Same message, same ministry; thus the same message is spread. Well, Messiah is called the Master, and if you call the Master, it means you have to become His duplicate. Get plugged into Him, receive His impulses of His love, of His Spirit, of His wisdom, of His righteousness, of His purity, of His heart, of His power. Follow His example by walking in His spirit. Let Him live His life through you, and you will become like Him, an accurate duplicate. Your life will be His life and His life, your life. Because if you call Him Master, you must become His duplicate.

From Message #548 - The Huppogrammus

Today's Mission

Today don't seek to be the master of your life and situation, but seek to be His Duplicate. In every situation, look to Him and receive from Him, and go and do likewise.

Scripture: 2 Timothy 2:21