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The Merging Of Baal

Monday, December 17, 2018

Baal was a Canaanite god that competed with the Lord Yehovah. Archeologists have found ancient pottery in Israel that reveals that the ancient Israelites joined together Jehovah with Baal as the same god. They merged the two into one. So one of the greatest dangers for God’s people isn’t the overt worship of other gods, but the joining of Jehovah to Baal; the joining of the Lord to other gods. Many ministers start out serving God but end up serving success. Many ministries start out serving the Great Commission but end up serving the god of money. Others confuse God with prosperity, power, status, blessing, and success. You can’t serve God and other things, other gods. Purify your walk. Purify your goal. Purify your motives and your heart. Breakaway from serving a mixed god and come back to the God of your salvation. Because your walk is too precious to be wasting it by serving Baal in disguise.

From Message #937 - The God of a Thousand Faces

Today's Mission

Examine your goals and motives today and seek to act, move, and live out of pure motives and a pure heart for God’s will and purposes.

Scripture: Luke 11:36
Luke 11:36