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Today's Sapphire

To Be A Saint

Thursday, April 27, 2017

I was blessed to know Richard Wurmbrand, a leader of the Romanian underground church who was imprisoned for his faith under the communists. He was a leader of the world ministry to persecuted believers, a brilliant and amazing man. He's listed as one of the greatest believers of this age. He told me an angel appeared to him with a question: "Why did you never plan to become a saint?" Richard said to me, "It's true- I planned to become a preacher, pastor and author, but I never set my heart on becoming a saint. I have known saints and even though I'm not one, there's still hope; I'm only 88." If a man such as that could say that even he didn't set out to become holy in the Lord, but he now knows it's more important than any other goal, let it be your goal to become a saint as well. You plan many things in your life and put all that effort and energy into it. Instead, put your energy and effort into His plan, more than anything else, this greatest thing - that you become a saint.

From Message #752 - To Become a Saint

Today's Mission

Set your heart on becoming a saint today- to live holy for the Lord.

Read -> I Samuel 12:24