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Today's Sapphire

Making The Perfect

Friday, November 24, 2017

Most people spend time seeking the right marriage partner, expecting their mate to be perfect. And the more they do, the more miserable they become. In Biblical times, it was common for marriages to be arranged by parents. They generally worked out much better than our perfectly picked marriages work out today, lasting a lifetime. The truth is, the perfect marriage isn't about marrying the perfect one, but rather loving the imperfect one with a perfect love, accepting the imperfect one with a perfect acceptance, and being faithful to the imperfect one with a perfect faithfulness that comes from God. It's the secret of a joyful marriage and a joyful life. A good life isn't about having perfect situations and circumstances. It's not about obtaining the perfect circumstance but rather accepting an imperfect situation with a perfect acceptance, loving imperfect people with a perfect love, rejoicing in a perfect joy, and giving thanks with a perfect thankfulness in the midst of an imperfect world. That's the secret of joy in marriage and joy in life. Use it.

From Message #444 - The Perfect Commandment

Today's Mission

Today, seek to live in perfect acceptance, love, and joy towards all the circumstances and people in your life.

11/25 - Ps. 39:12 11/26 -Deut. 1:30-31
Read -> John 6:37