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Today's Sapphire

The Only Place You Can Overcome

Friday, July 29, 2016

In heaven we're going to see and do beautiful things, but one thing we won't be able to do, is overcome. Here we have the joy, honor and glory of overcoming. We hate having problems, trouble, crisis and setbacks; so we complain, but in heaven you won't have the opportunity to overcome again. Scripture says we're to overcome the world. It never says we're to overcome heaven; there's nothing in heaven to overcome. So this life is for overcoming. That's why we have problems. Without challenges or troubles you can't have victory. To overcome is glorious. Only here, can you run the good race or fight the good fight and win. Stop complaining about what's glorious about this life. Paul said, "Momentary light affliction is producing an eternal weight of glory." Your crisis is for glory. So stop complaining at the very thing that's going to bring glory. Rejoice, dig in your heels, run head on like David against Goliath, because you have been called to have the joy, honor and the glory of overcoming this world.

From Message #490 - Heavenly Nostalgia

Today's Mission

Today, see any negative situations as an opportunity to overcome. Give God the glory and run your race to win.

7/30 Mark 10:15 7/31 Acts 2:28
Read -> John 16:33