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Today's Sapphire

Touch The Untouched

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Paul said "I am determined to preach the Gospel where it has not been preached." The results are usually more dramatic where the Gospel has never been preached, rather than in places where the Gospel has already been heard. When you sow seed, consider the fallow ground principle. The fallow ground, the place where the ground has not been sown before; when broken up, usually produces the most fruit. The ground that has not been touched produces the greatest reaction. We are to spread the Word to those who have not heard. You can praise the Lord in worship service and talk of God, but when you praise the Lord and talk about Him to those who do not know Him, the reaction is going to be dramatic. In your life you want miracles; apply the Word of God to untouched lands in your life and your heart. That is where the miracle is. Look for the untouched lands in your world, your workplace, your home, your life, your family, and your heart. Bring the Word, truth, love and power of God into those parts. They will be transformed with miracles when the Word comes.

From Message #715 - Your Fallow Ground

Today's Mission

Choose an area in your life left fallow and start letting it be touched by God. Apply His Word and will to it.

Read -> Mark 16:15