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The Goodness Of Your Good Fridays

Friday, April 18, 2014

Growing up Jewish, before I accepted Yeshua, Jesus, as Messiah, I could never understand how Good Friday could be called "Good Friday." It made no sense. It was the day that Jesus died. Why would His people call the day their Lord died - "Good?" It certainly didn't resemble anything good by a long shot. Yet it was good. This fact shows us how radical our faith is. We don't have a faith that denies trouble or one which cannot deal with sorrow. Our faith is a Good Friday faith. A Good Friday faith teaches us that goodness is not dependent on circumstance. No circumstance can make you good, no circumstance can keep you from being good. Nothing can stop you from the good life, but you. The "good life" isn't a life of riches, comfort or success. Nor is it a life free from hurt or sorrow. Stop being oppressed, suppressed, repressed and depressed over your circumstance. Your circumstances are irrelevant. They cannot stop you from living the good life if you will not let them. Start living the good life today my friend - for Messiah died on Good Friday. And we... have a Good Friday faith.

From Message #456 - The Messiah's Sabbath

Today's Mission

Mission: Make it your aim today to live unconditionally, uncircumstantially -- Determine that no matter what, come hell or high water, you will live a blessed day in God!

4/19 Psa. 71:14 4/20 Rom. 5:5
Read -> Phil. 4:11-13