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The Authorless Book

Friday, February 23, 2018

The Book of Hebrews is a powerful book. It speaks of Melchizedek, Yom Kippur, the warriors of faith, the Sabbath, the priesthood, and more: a masterpiece of God's Spirit. And yet, we don't actually know who penned Hebrews because the person never put their name on it. Imagine being the vessel to write one of the greatest influential books in world history but never putting your name on it. Too often our names get in the way of our walk and what God wants to do in our lives; we want credit, appreciation, thanks, and approval. It's written in Romans that a true Jew is one whose praise isn't from man but from God. That's for you if you're born again. It's also written that your life is to be a living epistle. That being the case, let it be like the book of Hebrews. Get your ego out of the picture. Get into the joy of doing everything for His Glory, not yours. Then your motives will be pure, your works will be of heaven, and your life will be a masterpiece with no name but the Name of God.

From Message #610 - The Book of Hebrews

Today's Mission

Today, get into the joy of being anonymous, glorifying God and not yourself.

Read -> Philippians 2:9