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The Mute Button Test

Friday, February 15, 2019

If you press the mute button on your remote control, the sound is removed. You would think that this would hide what’s happening – but it can actually be revealing. If you’re watching a video of a liar, and you press mute, you won’t hear the lies anymore, and you’ll start noticing the body language, and signs of the person lying. When you take away the words, there are no words to deceive, just the reality. Many believers talk a good talk. But if you turned on the mute button and cut out the words and just saw their real life, every day, you might see a very different story. What about you? What if you pressed the mute button on your life... no more words... just your real life; where it’s really going and where it’s not? Would it speak of God’s love and life-changing power anyway? Turn on the mute button. Look at your real life. If it doesn’t hold up, make the change you need to make. So that with words or no words it will consistently lift up the name of the Lord... mute button or not.

From Message #1125 - Don’t Look Back

Today's Mission

Today, turn on the mute button and look at your real life. If it doesn’t hold up, make the change you need to make.

Scripture: Ephesians 5:8
Ephesians 5:8