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Oil In The Desert

Friday, November 21, 2014

In the Lord, there are deserts, dry places, places of going without, and you probably don't like deserts because they are hard times. But in God there is oil in your desert. The Lord works all things together for good for those who love Him and are called to His purpose. That means for every desert, every dry time you go through, every hard time in your life, there is a blessing waiting to come out of it. It's the good thing hidden underneath which will gush out at the right time. And if you knew in advance that oil was waiting underneath your desert you wouldn't be unhappy at all. You would be filled with joy through the whole experience. So when the blessings come, you are not going to complain about the desert, you will thank God and rejoice. So thank God now for all the things which would have led you to that desert. The key is, rejoice now before you see the oil, the hidden blessing that is going to come bursting out. Rejoice now, give thanks now, because even in the desert, every child of God will strike oil.

From Message #891 - All Things

Today's Mission

Mission: Praise Him in your desert, rejoice even when it is hard and expect your blessing to come today.

Weekend Scriptures 11/22 Zeph. 2:3 11/23 Prov. 8:7
Read -> Scripture: Ps. 40:1-2