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The Blessing Of Plan B

Friday, January 24, 2020

God sends Messiah to Israel - to the Jewish people. And though there were many thousands who accepted, the nation as a whole rejected Him. So what happens to God’s plan of salvation? God goes to Plan B. The Gospel now goes out to others, beyond the border of Israel. Salvation goes to the Gentiles. Now of course, God knew it would happen and that the Gospel would go to the nations – but still, it went first to go to Israel – and in Israel’s rejection, it went to the world. In its outworking on earth, it was still Plan B. And so if you’re saved today, and you’re not Jewish, you need to thank God for Plan B. God loves Plan B, He works through it all the time. The next time things in your life don’t work out the way you wanted, the way you hoped, the way you planned – remember that. God loves working through Plan B. So start looking for His Plan B, and rejoice in it. For, in the end, His Plan B, turns out to be Plan A in disguise.

From Message #1470 - Plan B

Today's Mission

Today, rejoice in Plan B, the Plan B of your life. And in every closed door and disappointment, look for Plan B.

Scripture: Colossians 1:27