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The Prince Of Another Kind

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Most of us grew up with fairy tales. Many people are disappointed with life, living in heartbreak, sorrow, mourning, and bitterness, because their life didn't turn out "happily ever after." But life isn't a fairy tale and Messiah isn't prince charming. He's the Sar Hayim, the Prince of Life. You aren't saved by this life; you're saved by Him, the true Prince. He turned out to save you. He overcame death, sin, evil and the grave, and if you'll stop living according to how life turns out and start living like He turned out, you'll be blessed. His loving kindness is better than life and that is the victory. I have good news for you. Your life isn't a fairy tale. You don't have to be miserable; you can be blessed. Scripture doesn't speak about living happily ever after, it speaks about rejoicing always. That's unconditional. So stop looking for prince charming, he doesn't exist. Start learning to be a disciple of the Prince of Life and you won't live happily ever after, but you can live rejoicing always and that's even better-- a life of unstoppable joy.

From Message #638 - Beggars, Princes, & Fairy Tales

Today's Mission

Gain the victory today by rejoicing in your Prince of Life.

Read -> Ps. 31:7