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The ANI-LO Response

Thursday, April 24, 2014

How do you live holy, victorious, committed and righteous? The answer is in the Song of Solomon. In Hebrew, the bride says: Dodi Li V'ani Lo my beloved is mine and I am his. The bride is totally committed to the beloved; totally his. Why? Because she first can say, my beloved is mine and I am his. She knows he's committed to her. Her commitment to him is based on his commitment to her. Her love is based on his love for her. That's the secret of a victorious life in Messiah. We struggle to commit our lives and to live 100% righteous. But it doesn't have to be. When the bride says, Ani Lo, I am his, it's not a struggle. It's a response. The bride isn't centered on what she has to do or on herself, she is centered on Dodi Li, my beloved is mine and I am his. You too can't have that commitment, that Ani Lo, without that Dodi Li. Realize His commitment to you, His holy love for you. Focus on Dodi Li, my beloved is mine, and your life will become Ani Lo and I am His.

From Message #674 - Dodi-Li

Today's Mission

Mission: Learn, ponder, receive the mystery of Dodi Li -- and then commit yourself all the more to Ani Lo!

Read -> S. S. 2:16