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The Focused Revolutionary

Monday, October 20, 2014

Revolutionaries are single-minded people; completely focused on the revolution. Everything Lenin, Mao and Castro did had purpose and direction. Though it was wrong, they had focus. Most believers aren't. They are apathetic or lukewarm about serving God. They tend to be willing to serve God, but pre-occupied with the details of life; divided in their hearts. They want to live for God, but are living for themselves. They want to witness but are more concerned about what people think of them. But if Lenin, Trotsky or Mao were like that, they wouldn't have had a revolution, nor a victory. If they were focused on wrong purposes, how much more should we who have God be focused on God's purposes? We are the true revolutionaries. We are to be the most focused people, to run the race fixing our eyes on Yeshua, Jesus. Paul said, I don't run without aim, and he changed the world. You too can change the world. Commit your heart and mind to become once and for all single-minded for God, one-tracked, focused, and you will overcome the world. You are a revolutionary. The revolution is waiting to begin.

From Message #973 - Revolutionary

Today's Mission

Mission: Live today as a revolutionary for God -- live focused on God's mission, and fulfill it.

Read -> Scripture: Heb. 12:1