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Today's Sapphire

Your Big Brother

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Imagine growing up in Nazareth with Messiah as your older brother, and someone wants to fight you. You'd say, "I'll tell my older brother on you." They might reply, "Oh yeah, I'll call my older brother, he's bigger and stronger." To which you could reply, "Well my brother is the Messiah. He's going to rule the world with a rod of iron and subdue the nations; it's all been prophesied." The truth is you do have a big brother, and He is the Messiah. He's there to protect you and watch your back. The enemy is a bully, seeking to harass, intimidate and push you around. When dealing with the enemy, a problem, a situation, a temptation, and it seems overwhelming, remember this: you have a big Brother, He's the Messiah. Call on Him. You can walk with confidence, live with boldness, face head-on situations that might be much bigger than you and still not fear, because your Big Brother is bigger than the situation. Don't despair, don't get discouraged, have full confidence. Call on His name. Because you have a Big Brother and His name is Jesus, the Messiah.

From Message #208 - The Missing Years II

Today's Mission

Is there a situation in your life that appears too big for you to handle on your own? Bring it to Yeshua today. Trust Him to defend you.

Read -> Ps. 33:20