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Blessing The Blesser

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

In the Book of Acts, Paul was sent to Jerusalem with a gift for the Jerusalem believers. The gift was from the gentile church to the Jewish people. The gentile congregations particularly wanted to bless the Jewish believers of Jerusalem. Jerusalem was the mother church, the first Messianic congregation or synagogue. The church has an obligation to bless the Jewish people because it was the Jewish people who gave the gospel to the world. All the blessings you have in God came through Israel to you. So you need to bless the Jewish people with salvation. Bless the children of Abraham. Bless the Jewish believers, but also bless the Jewish people who don't have salvation. The promise is that all who bless the Jewish people will be blessed. God wants you to bless Him, please Him. It's a radical concept, but bless the Lord. We don't realize what it means, "Bless the Lord, O my soul, bless the Lord." You can actually bless Him. That's a great thing and He will be blessed. Do something to bless the Lord today, for His sake, for His blessing. Bless the Lord today. Make your Father smile.

From Message #944 - Blessing Naomi

Today's Mission

Mission: Look for how many ways to bless Israel and the Jewish people. Pray for them. Give to the purposes of their salvation. You will be blessed!

Read -> Scripture: Gen. 12:3