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Today's Sapphire

If You're A Goat -- You Disappear

Thursday, October 2, 2014

In the Bible, the most holy day centers on a goat. A goat isn't a high status animal. Yet on Yom Kippur, the most holy and sacred day of the Hebrew calendar, is centered on a goat called Lazazael - the Scapegoat. This goat had to be sent away and disappear into the wilderness. Then the most holy day was fulfilled. The day became holy because a goat disappeared. When you look at yourself, it's easy to see...a goat. The old self is pretty much a goat. You see all your faults - it's not attractive - you see a goat. Then you must remind yourself that goats are potentially holy. They made Yom Kippur the most holy day of the year by making themselves disappear. When you feel like a goat, make yourself disappear. Die to yourself, get out of the way, and stop dwelling on your faults. In the grace of God, you have the power to do that. Stop dwelling on that goat - so you can start dwelling on the Lamb. It will become for you a most holy day - as soon as you make that goat disappear.

From Message #333 - The Reality of Sacrifice

Today's Mission

Set this day for letting the old you disappear; forgetting about yourself; not dwelling on you; but getting lost in His goodness.

Read -> Rom. 8:1-2