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The Picture Behind The Picture

Thursday, August 22, 2019

My friend’s mother, who’d fallen away from the Lord, ended up as a hostage in a police shoot out. Miraculously her life was spared, and she repented. Afterward, my friend discovered a drawing, hidden behind a photograph of his mother as a girl, of a lamb, on the edge of a cliff, just below a bird of prey. But the hand of the Good Shepherd was reaching out to save the lamb. The story of his mother’s life was hidden there long before it was fulfilled. In the life of every believer, there are always two pictures - two stories: The first is your life’s circumstances and situations as they appear to be. But it’s the second picture, the hidden picture that’s more real. Because if you look behind every moment of your life, you’ll find the love of God, and the hand of your Shepherd reaching out to you His lamb, working all things for your good. So no matter what it looks or feels like in your life, remember, that’s just one picture. The real story of your life is the one that lies hidden inside the frame.

From Message #1328 - The Mystery of the Ghost Kingdom

Today's Mission

Today, take time to meditate on and thank God for the true picture of your life and how your Good Shepherd has been directing your path.

Scripture: John 10:11