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Today's Sapphire

Make Way For The Lord

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Isaiah 40 says, "Prepare the way of the Lord; let every valley be exalted, every mountain made low, the crooked places made straight, and the rough places smooth." The highway of God, like it or not, is coming through. Everything is going to change, to make way for God. Those who walk in the way of God have to do likewise. You don't bend the way of God because of circumstance. You bend the circumstance to the way of God. You don't change the Word of God for the world, you change the world with the Word. God doesn't conform to your life, your life conforms to His way. The way of God is straight.Don't bend, manipulate, wiggle, or worm your way. Walk, live, think and talk straight, despite mountains, valleys, rough ways, crooked ways, despite rejection or acceptance, hard times or easy times, prosperity or lack. Keep going and your mountains will be cast down, your valleys will be lifted up, your crooked ways will be made straight and your rough ways will become smooth. Prepare the way of the Lord, and you will change the world.

From Message #487 - Prepare Ye The Way

Today's Mission

Make way for the presence and power of God in your life. Clear away everything that is not in His will. Confirm everything to His way.

Read -> Ps. 84:11