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Today's Sapphire

Waiting for Life

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Entire rooms are built just for people to wait in. Every doctor subscribes to magazines to keep you busy. You sit in a room full of strangers, sitting in a place you don't want to be, with people you don't particularly want to be with, waiting to go a place you don't particularly want to go. Whoever came up with the doctrine of Purgatory had to have spent a lot of his life waiting in a doctor's office. Many believers spend their lives the same way. Heaven is the office, and earth is the waiting room. They're just waiting for it to be over - in a place they don't want to be, with people they don't want to be with, waiting for a place they hope will be better. They spend their days on earth just trying to get through. This life isn't a waiting room. God promised us life abundantly now. We look forward to heaven, but the heavenly life starts now or not at all. Stop waiting for life and start living it, fully, victoriously, and heavenly. This life is the beginning of eternal life and not a cosmic waiting room.

From Message #587 - Waiting for Heaven

Today's Mission

Stop waiting to live - And start living. Live as if your heavenly life actually begins now.

Scripture: Romans 5:17