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The Tzadakim And Messiah

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Though Messiah was crucified by Roman soldiers, the Pharisees and Sadducees plotted to put Him to death. What does the word Sadducee mean? It comes from the Hebrew word 'tzadak', which means righteous. Sadducee, or Tzadikim, means the righteous ones. They were the keepers of holiness and righteousness. But the Sadducees wanted Messiah crucified. It was those who saw themselves as righteous who set up the Inquisition and imprisoned, tortured, and killed multitudes of people; many of them Jews and Christians. So the Sadducees can teach us a lesson. Those who see themselves as righteous are those who most crucify Messiah. Many believers are convinced that they are the only righteous keepers of God's way. But they are self-righteous, filled with condemnation, not love. When we let ourselves become self-righteous, we crucify Messiah, and His grace, love, mercy, and holiness. Be humble, because the only one who is righteous in Himself is Messiah. Our righteousness is only borrowed from Him.

From Message #1063 - The Priest's Redemption

Today's Mission

Follow the humility of God today with no righteousness of your own -- He will lift you up.

Read -> 2 Cor. 5:21