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Today's Sapphire

The Beggar In My Dream

Friday, October 31, 2014

I used to go out to share the gospel and give food to the homeless. One night, I dreamt someone begged me to take him with me; he was in bondage and wanted to be free. There wasn't room in my car, so I apologized and drove away. As I went, I saw the car growing; there was room. Looking back, I saw a creature pulling the man back into darkness. I missed the opportunity because I decided there was no room. When I went back into the city, I gave food to a homeless man who said, "Take me with you, I want to get free of alcoholism." I said, "I'm not leaving you." We found a Christian to help him. If not for the dream, I might not have pursued it. An obstacle that keeps us from God's will is the belief that we don't have room in our lives; nor in our mind and heart. It doesn't matter whether there is room. Do God's will anyway. Minister; open your life, and your heart to His purposes. He will make room and enlarge your tent. Provide a willing heart, and God will provide the room.

From Message #909 - The Mission People

Today's Mission

Mission: Today take time with the Lord. Make room in your heart for the will of God. Look to minister and expect the surprises of God.

1 Chronicles 28:9
Read -> Scripture: Matt. 25:35-40