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The Key Of Entrance

Friday, November 28, 2014

Thanksgiving is not just a holiday, it's a key. The Psalms command 'Enter His gates with thanksgiving ... and His courts with praise.' Most believers take this as a command. If you're going to enter His courts, enter with thanksgiving. The truth of these words isn't only a commandment, it's a secret, a key. To enter the gates of the Lord, you need the keys of the Lord. The key you need to unlock the gates of the Lord, in order to enter in, is the key of thanksgiving. You could read the Scripture this way: 'The only way you will ever truly enter the gates of the Lord is with thanksgiving.' Thanksgiving is the key that unlocks the gates of the Lord. It doesn't matter what's blocking you, if you give thanks to God, you can enter in. When you give thanks, it's impossible to be gloomy, to worry, to dwell in condemnation, or be unhappy. When you give thanks, you enter His joy, His peace. When you give thanks, it's hard not to worship. Enter the gates of the Lord. Start now. You have the key. Enter His gates with thanksgiving.

From Message #270 - The Power of Giving Thanks

Today's Mission

Mission: Enter into His presence with praise, pray His will be done today, thank Him for His promises and feel the peace that passes all understanding.

Weekend Scriptures 11/29 Jer. 29:13 11/30 Ps. 63:1
Read -> Scripture: Ps. 100:4