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Today's Sapphire

33,333,000 Gods

Thursday, July 24, 2014

We hear about the New Age and the fads of Eastern religion, and though it's been polished and repackaged for Western consumption, it remains at its root pagan. They may speak about one God, but they will also speak about three and actually more than that. Not 33, but 33,333,000 gods. Take New York City and picture everybody becoming a deity; and multiply it by about 30 New York Cities. What a mess! 33,333,000 gods and not one of them died for your sins so that you could have eternal life. Not one of them loved you. Not one of them gave you new life, or rolled away the stone and gave you hope. Realize the treasure we have in Jesus, the Messiah. Don't forget it. His treasure is worth more than the world. There is no person, no god, not anything that can ever compare. Nothing compares to the treasure we have. Therefore, serve and follow Him. Live for Him, glorify Him in a manner worthy of that with a heart and life and walk that is more precious than one in 33 million.

From Message #660 - The Root Of The Lotus

Today's Mission

Worship the Lord, King of the universe, for there is no other like Him. Sing His praises. He is worthy. Walk with the Lord of Lords and draw nearer to Him continually.

Read -> Scripture: Luke 4:8