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The Measurable Miracle

Friday, January 18, 2019

Acts 1:3 says Messiah appeared and presented Himself by many convincing proofs. This verse separates our faith from every faith of the ancient world outside of Israel. None of the ancient gods presented themselves with many convincing proofs. But Yeshua, Jesus of Nazareth is no myth. He is God come to earth. So He presented Himself with measurable proofs, empirical, tangible, palpable evidence. He appeared after the resurrection and presented many convincing, touchable proofs. If you live in the power of the resurrection, you, too, have to demonstrate it in a very touchable and practical way. Not just once, but with consistency and with many convincing proofs. Show them the power of total change in your life; the power of victory, the power of overcoming, the power of joy over sorrow, forgiveness, and life over death. They want to see it. Show them the tomb is empty. Show them the stone is rolled away in your life and show them that God’s love has conquered all death and darkness and show them with many convincing proofs.

From Message #265 - The Sequel

Today's Mission

Today, show others that the stone is rolled away in your life by your actions and deeds. Show the world a measurable miracle.

Scripture: Acts 1:3-9
Acts 1:3-9