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Today's Sapphire

Removing The Berlin Wall

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The Berlin wall was such a powerful symbol, a monument of oppression and division of the world. A believer was led to pray for the removal of the wall when he heard a voice of the Spirit saying "I said don't just pray, but say to the mountain you shall be removed." At first he prayed alone, then with other believers speaking to the wall to be removed in the name of the Lord. The wall of communism came down. When we think of walls, we think of obstacles not of objects to speak to. For 2000 years the Jewish people have been talking to the wall, so we have to learn to talk to our walls. Do you have a wall in your life? Walls of anger, failure, bad relationships and bad habits? Stop accepting these as walls and begin to speak to it. If we can talk to the mountain, then we can talk to the wall. If that wall is blocking God's purpose, tell it "Be thou removed," and it will surely be removed. The process of declaring and decreeing the Word of God will surely begin to work in your life.

From Message #1086 - Super Lambs

Today's Mission

Find your wall that is blocking God's purpose in your life today and in prayer speak to that obstacle to be removed in God's name.

Read -> Mark 11:23