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Today's Sapphire

The Dawn Of The Bridegroom & Bride

Monday, April 21, 2014

SHAKHAR is Hebrew for dawn. Song of Solomon reads, "Who is this who grows like the dawn?" Hebrew reads more literally, "Who is this who looks out the window at the dawn?" It's talking about the Bride... us. It means we're to be as the dawn. The dawn is light that increases. It's not enough to be a light, you need to be a light that increases and gets brighter. What about the "looking out the window" part? It could be translated as "Who is this who peeks through like the dawn?" The dawn peaks through as the rays of sun break through the horizon. Dawn is a break through. Become a person of breakthrough... to learn how, in all situations, especially the dark ones, to break through in hope and victory, and turn any night into morning. For every darkness breaks through like the dawn. For every gloom, break through with hope, in every bitterness, break through with forgiveness, in every guilt, break through with grace, in every fear, break through with courage, and in every end, break forth with a new beginning. You too will be one who grows like the dawn.

From Message #821- The Dawn, The Moon, & The Sun

Today's Mission

Mission: Make a commitment today to grow, to increase in God, to grow like the dawn. Start by taking steps today to the next level.

Read -> Scripture: S. of S. 6:10