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The Huppah Children

Monday, September 22, 2014

In Matthew 9:15 you will read in your Bible about the guests of the bridegroom. But in Greek it doesn't say that, it reads "children of the bridal chamber." But the key is that it's the translation of a Hebrew phrase that's filled with meaning 'Binay Huppah,' which means 'Children of the Huppah'. The huppah is the wedding canopy. In every traditional Jewish wedding, the bride and groom come under the wedding canopy of the huppah. It's a symbol of the bridegroom's love and covering over for the bride. So Messiah is saying that those who are disciples are the Binay Huppah, the Children of the Huppah, of the covering, of the canopy. It means your life has a covering over it, a covering of love. It is not about what is happening in the situations in your life; it's about what's covering your life. So don't get caught up in looking at the problems. Start looking up, above your problem, and you will see the canopy of Messiah, the covering of His love.

From Message #783 - Children of the Huppah

Today's Mission

Mission: Trust in the Lord in all situations, look above any hindrance and lean on our Saviour. Come under the shelter of His love for you. He has you covered.

Read -> Scripture: Ps. 91:1-2