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Today's Sapphire

Living In Yerushalayim

Friday, October 9, 2015

Jerusalem is an amazing word. In Hebrew, the word is Yerushalayim, which doesn't mean Jerusalem, but Jerusalems. It's plural. But the Hebrew word doesn't just mean plural, it means two. Yerushalayim means there are always two Jerusalems. The Jerusalem here on earth now is imperfect. There is also a heavenly Jerusalem which is perfect, but is yet to come. To those who are born again, the Bible says you are born of Jerusalem-of Yerushalayim. So we are to live in both Jerusalems now. The key is to live now in what is yet to come. Live in the perfect, finished work and victory of God now-before you see it! Live in the answered prayer before it manifests. Live in the freedom of Messiah before you see it. Rejoice in your blessings before they come. Rejoice in the kingdom that is now in Messiah. Live in he victory that He has already accomplished. It is a finished work. Live in what is not yet as if it were. Rejoice in what is to come as if it is now. Celebrate what shall be in faith, and you will have the blessings of Yerushalayim.

From Message #1134 - The Heavenly Feast

Today's Mission

Today, learn the secret of living in the perfected work of God. Give thanks before you receive. Be victorious before you see the victory.

10/10 Cor 2 - 5:7 and 10/11 Eph. 6:16
Read -> Gal. 4:25-26