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Today's Sapphire

The Spirit Of Continuing

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

How do you receive the fullness and the empowerment of the Spirit? Messiah said, "Tarry in Jerusalem." "Tarry" in Greek is kathizo, meaning "to stay", "to continue". The disciples had to stay in Jerusalem, in God's presence, in His will. If they only stayed four days instead of 10, and if they hadn't continued with the Messiah during difficult times, they would never had gone to the upper room and received their blessing. Therefore, if you want the fullness and the power of the Spirit, you have to have kathizo. You have to stay in the will of God. If you waiver, you won't know His fullness and strength. Consistency in God is very spiritual. Many people give up before they get the blessing. The secret of receiving the blessing in the Spirit is to tarry. They didn't just go to the upper room and then get the blessing; they had to stay and persevere before they saw anything. The Spirit life is about abiding, persevering, continuing. You want to see the blessing? Continue on in the will and calling of God. He will come to you to fill your life with fullness and power.

From Message #972 - Welcoming the Spirit

Today's Mission

Be faithful and steadfast in your pursuit of God's will for you today; dwell and abide in His presence, pushing through in His fullness for you.

Read -> Acts 1:8