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The Arch And The Graffiti

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

After the Roman Empire destroyed Israel, the Romans built an arch called the Arch of Titus to celebrate the victory. Today the Roman Empire is gone. Yet the Arch of Titus still stands. Somebody wrote on that arch in graffiti, "Am Yisrael Hi", which means "the nation of Israel lives". Why is it that the most powerful empire of its day is no more, yet the tiny nation of Israel that was scattered for 2,000 years, without an army, without a king, without defense, persecuted and continuously oppressed, still exists? And why has no force or nation been able to permanently destroy Israel? It's because of the God of Israel. In God, the weak are strong, and the vulnerable become invulnerable. Are there circumstances in your life that appear overwhelming, causing you to feel vulnerable and weak? The solution is to stop focusing on your problems, and focus on your God. Your problem may be big, but God is greater. You may be weak, but God is strong. In God, you overcome. In God, you win. For only in God can the weak overcome the strong, and the vulnerable become invulnerable.

From Message #668 - The Tents Of Abraham

Today's Mission

On our knees, victories are won. Pray through any circumstance in your life and bring all your needs before the throne. Declare your freedom in Yeshua.

Read -> I John 4:4