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Today's Sapphire

The Logos Reason

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Messiah is called the Word, but in Greek, the word "word" is "logos." That's significant because "logos" doesn't just mean "word," it also means "the reason." What it means is He is not just the Word, He is the reason for existence, He is the reason for the universe, He, as Messiah, is the reason for everything. Before there was anything, there was the reason and from this came everything. So it also means that without Him, without the Logos, there is no reason. That's why if you don't have Him in your life, there is no reason for life. The universe exists because of the Logos, the reason, so your life, too. It will never be right. It will always be empty until He is again the center and the reason for your life. Do you want your life to have reason and purpose? Let Him become the reason. Let Messiah become the Logos; the reason for your walk, the reason why you speak, the reason why you do everything you do, the reason you get up, the reason you work. Make Him the reason of everything.

From Message #943 - The Rainbow Prince

Today's Mission

Mission: Before you do anything today, start with the Logos, the Word, Messiah. Let Him be the reason and impulse you do everything.

Read -> Scripture: Eph. 2:11-13