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Today's Sapphire

Soak It Up

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Did you ever make tea? You put the tea bag in hot water and let it sit. It takes time. Believers treat God like fast food. You run in and have His presence and Word, and then run out. You put the tea bag in, you take it out, and then complain there is no tea. That is how we act with the Lord. We come in and out of God's love, Word and prayer quickly. God's love is not fast food. His love is more like the tea bag principle; it takes time. We are the water; His love; truth and presence are the tea bag. His righteousness is the tea. You have to let it soak in through the junk of the past --the emotions, all the scars. You need to be touched deeply. Spend time in God's presence. Let God's presence dwell and remain in your life. Let the peace, love, joy and purity of God soak into and penetrate your heart and emotions. The love, word and presence of God are so good; you need to give it time. It's like tea, and you need to soak it up.

From Message #713 - Secrets Of The Quiet

Today's Mission

Come into the presence of the Lord and practice the art of soaking.

Read -> Col. 3:16