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Today's Sapphire

Lighting up the Church

Friday, July 30, 2021

It was a familiar scene on Sunday evening in the village of Doubs, France, of people rushing through the streets to church, each carrying a bronze lantern. The church had no way of being lit up so its members would come not just to be enlightened, but to lighten. The more that gathered, the brighter the church; the end result... stunning. Many believers go from one church to the next seeking a blessing. They end up discouraged, bitter, or full of self-pity, complaining they weren't loved or blessed enough. This is unbiblical. A true believer doesn't just go to church. A believer is part of the church. A true believer doesn't go anywhere to get blessed, but to be a blessing. They don't have to get lit up by others. You are to be a light in this world, and certainly to your brothers and sisters. So the next time you go to service, bring your lantern.. the lantern of a shining heart, a heart that seeks not to take but to give, not to curse the darkness, but to light up the world... starting with the sanctuary.

From Message #384 - Lights of the World

Today's Mission

Seek today not to be a mirror, simply reflecting your circumstances - but to be a light.

Scripture: Matthew 5:14-16