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The Matchmaker and Your Circumstance

Friday, January 22, 2021

There was a young Jewish man, a Jewish matchmaker proposed that he marry a certain young woman. The man says, "No, she's blind!" "You call that a fault?" said the matchmaker, "On the contrary, it's a virtue. She won't see your faults." "She can't talk." "Another virtue," said the matchmaker, "you'll never hear a critical word out of her mouth." "She's deaf!" "Another virtue," said the matchmaker, "She won't hear your complaining." "She's a hunchback!" The matchmaker replied, "Can't you even tolerate one fault in the woman you plan to marry?" This isn't only a comment on matchmaking but on your life. If you're a child of God, you and your circumstances are matched up. You may find a lot of faults with your circumstance. Scripture says that God is working all things for good as you love and follow Him. Your circumstances may not look that good, but they really are. All those problems you complain about are actually blessings in disguise which will bless your life eternally. Put a positive spin on every problem - because in God's grace - it's true... your life really is something beautiful.

From Message #502 - Mercy and Truth

Today's Mission

Look at the positive in your problem or circumstance today. See it from God's point of view.

Scripture: Romans 8:28