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The Praise Of The Kohanim

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

In the Hebrew temple were the Kohaneem, the priests. There were many facets to their ministry. They offered sacrifices, kept the temple and cleaned it. The Kohaneem were entrusted to praise and worship, even over the Levites. The Kohanim were in charge of the praise of God with words, music, psalms, harps, flutes, trumpets and timbrels. In the book of Peter it says, "You now are a royal kohaneem." You are a royal priesthood. That means you are called to many things, but chief among them is that you are called to be a keeper of praise. God appointed you to be a keeper of praise. That means you have to keep praise in your heart, on your lips, and in your mind. If you are a priest to God, then you are a keeper of praise. You were born again to worship Him. So to do that, develop a tongue of praise, a mind of praise, a heart of praise and thanksgiving, a life of worship. The kohaneem are the keepers of the praise, and you are one of the kohaneem, the royal priesthood.

From Message #658 - The Call Of The Kohanim

Today's Mission

Keep in your heart and mind, that we are all called to be priests of the Most High. There is no place on the sidelines, you have a charge to keep, to worship.

Read -> Scripture: 1 Peter 2:9-10