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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

In the days of Elijah, the nation that had once known God metamorphosized. The people turned away from the God of their fathers and turned to Baal. They promoted sexual immorality. They lifted up their children as sacrifices. They called evil 'good,' -- and then good 'evil.' The prophets of Baal, who had once been viewed with disfavor, now were placed in positions of power. They turned their fury and vengeance on those who had remained faithful to the God of Israel, the prophets and the righteous. They persecuted, hunted, and drove them into hiding. America had also once known God. And America is likewise undergoing a metamorphosis. It is rapidly turning from the God of its founders. It is likewise promoting sexual immorality. It is likewise spilling the blood of its unborn children. And those who oppose God's Word are increasingly lifted up as heroes, icons, leaders, and placed in positions of power and influence. The result is a growing persecution of those who remain faithful to the God of the Bible. What has been called "tolerance" worked only in one direction -- tolerance for that which is against the Bible. Not long ago, most Americans believed in and upheld the standard and definition of marriage as between a man and a woman. But at breakneck speed, those who believe what has always been believed, and what the majority believed until recently -- are now the targets of witch hunts. One of the most public of these witch hunts involved the CEO of Mozilla, developer of the Firefox browser, Brendan Eich. Shortly after assuming his position in his company, a firestorm broke out over his past. What had he done? A criminal act? An act of immorality? He had, years before, contributed to a campaign to uphold the biblical definition of marriage. Because of this contribution, because of upholding the definition of marriage as in the Bible and as in the thousands of years of human history, members of gay advocacy groups demanded he be punished and lose his job. His company, the company he, himself had helped to create, apparently promptly went along with the cries for retribution -- and announced Eich's "resignation" soon after, offering profuse apologies for not, in effect, firing him even faster. How did these groups know of Eich's private contribution? Members of the United States government had leaked the names of those who had contributed to the purpose of upholding marriage as it has always been known. And, if you haven't been aware, these incidents are becoming increasingly common. The head of Chick-fil-a, found his entire franchise boycotted, blacklisted, and vilified for simply saying he was in favor of traditional marriage. Recently, Phil Robertson of the television show Duck Dynasty, was promptly suspended from his own series for the crime of saying that he didn't believe in homosexuality. If someone from America's past was told that one day people who believed that marriage was between a man and a woman would be punished for that belief -- they would find it unbelievable and apocalyptic. But it's real. How will you respond in the time of your testing? Will you hide your faith? Or hold back? That would be the true sin. If the dark is growing darker, the lights must shine brighter. What did Elijah do? He stood in boldness, in truth, in courage, in God. And God blessed Him, anointed Him, and mightily used Him. You , my friend, do the same. Be strong this month and live without compromise. And may God greatly bless you as you do! Your brother and co-laborer in His love and service.

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Today's Mission

Mission: Be strong this month and live without compromise. And may God greatly bless you as you do! Your brother and co-laborer in His love and service.

Read -> Gen. 2:21-24