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Visiting Day

Monday, November 24, 2014

Before I went into full-time ministry, I worked with mentally disabled children. It wasn't very pleasant. Most people rejected them or were scared of them. Yet there was always visiting day. Parents would look at their beloved child as if they were the most beautiful, perfect child in the world. And when you saw them through their parents' eyes, you loved them too. While ministering in New York City, I saw a lot of unlovely looking people - drug addicts, prostitutes, people covered in filth. It was really hard to love them until I remembered visiting day. These people were someone's child, someone's joy once. More than that, they are created in the image of God to become God's child. That's how God sees them, as beloved children. Your own life may be filled with unlovely people -unpleasant, angry, selfish, stubborn and cruel people. Though they may be hard to love, just remember visiting day. Not only were they someone's child, they were created by God to be His child. So begin to see them through the Father's eyes and you will discover that they are loveable after all.

From Message #892 - The Miracle on the Doorstep

Today's Mission

Mission: Find the unlovable people in your life today and show God's love to them, minister to them with the eyes of the Father.

Read -> Scripture: Matt. 22: 37-39