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Today's Sapphire

Holy Rebellion

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

How often we used to rebel as kids. I rebelled as a little kid. I rebelled in school, life, against authority. Generally, rebellion isn't a good thing, especially when it's against God. Yet it can be good in one sense. Jonah arose and fled, rebelling against God's will. Finally he repented when he arose and went. The same way he went away from God, now he's serving God. The way he rebelled, now he's serving the Lord. There's a way to be a holy rebel. The way we used to rebel against good, now we need to rebel against what's evil. The enemy gives us commands and is always issuing things like you have to submit, sin, fear, depression, fall into this bondage. You have to rebel against that. Rebel against sin. Rebel against the darkness. Rebel against all the orders of sin and habit. You can rebel against all the orders of the old life and the flesh. You don't have to obey the voice of sin, flesh, darkness, or the enemy anymore. Be a Holy Spirit rebel. Obey God, but be a rebel to the enemy.

From Message #1109 - Thou Wilt

Today's Mission

Stand firm against the enemy. Rebel against that temptation. Break the law that sin.

Read -> Acts 5:29