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Today's Sapphire

From All Things

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

In Acts 13:39, it says something like this, "Through Him, everyone who believes is freed from all things, from that which you could not be freed through the law of Moses." It means that whatever that bondage is in your life, that it has to be part of that "all things." In Messiah you have the power to be free; by believing in the One who saves. Those who believe, anyone who believes, not some but everyone who believes, really believes will be free indeed. The more you believe, the more faith you have, the more you get that into your heart. The more you really believe what the Bible says, the more you will be free from all things, everything. In Messiah, you have the power, not to be free from a few things, or some things, or even many things. It doesn't say that, it says all things. Good news. That thing that is a bondage in your life is a thing. It means it is covered. So start your process of freedom today; take the first step in Messiah. You are freed, not from some, but from all things.

From Message #841 - The Angelic Prison Break

Today's Mission

Mission: Believe in the One who has redeemed you. And in that, step out in freedom from all those things that kept you in chains.

Read -> Scripture: John 8:36