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The Strange Case of Shabbatai Zevi

Friday, October 30, 2020

Around the year 1666, a man named Shabbatai Zevi swept over Jewish history. He was hailed by rabbis throughout the lands in which Jewish people lived, as the long-awaited Messiah, come to rescue His people and bring them back to the land. But then something went wrong. Shabbatai started acting strange. He got married... to a Torah scroll. Then he started advocating heresy. Finally, the Sultan of the Turkish Empire arrested and imprisoned him. He gave him a choice. Either convert to Islam or be killed. So Shabbatai Zevi quickly converted to Islam. A thousand and a half years earlier, another Jewish man, Yeshua, Jesus, was rejected as Messiah. And since then, every Jewish hope in a Jewish Messiah has been crushed. Jesus is the only Messiah and the only answer to the Jewish hope in Messiah. Everything else is false. So, too, in your life. If you've been disappointed lately, seen your hopes crushed and broken - or if things are just not working out - chances are, you've lost sight of Him. Come back. For in Him alone is your hope - everything else is just Shabbatai Zevi - a false Messiah.

From Message #1287 - The Other Messiah

Today's Mission

Is there anything you're trusting in apart from the Lord? Place all your trust and hope in Him.

Scripture: Psalm 42