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The Secret Of The Magi

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The magi were wise men, but how could they be that wise, and know what they knew by looking at the stars, and that a king would come in the time He did? Daniel 9 gives the countdown to the coming of Messiah: seventy times seven, 490 years, adding up to around that time. How would they know that prophecy? Daniel was chief of the wise men. The word "wisemen" refers to magicians or magi. He was chief over them, the wisest of the wise. Undoubtedly, the magi studied the writings of Daniel and undoubtedly, Daniel would have prayed for them to become saved. Although they seemed hopeless, Daniel prayed for them. Clearly, they would someday travel to Bethlehem, and be known throughout the ages as those first finding the Messiah. If the magi in Persia was far away and into the occult, could one day find the Light because they searched and found Him, then don't you give up on those people in your life who seem so distant. Keep sharing, loving, praying, and giving the word. If the magi in Persia could end up in Bethlehem, so can your friend.

From Message #908 - The Forbidden Prophecy III

Today's Mission

Mission: Pray today for your unsaved friends and co-workers, give them the Good Word, let them see the living God within you.

Read -> Scripture: Prov. 8:17