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The Almah Factor

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Isaiah 7 contains the famous prophecy which states that a virgin will conceive and bear a child. The Hebrew word used for ‘virgin’ is ‘almah.’ The first time the word ‘almah’ appears is in Exodus where a young almah, or maiden named Miriam oversees the bringing of the redeemer Moses as a baby down the Nile to Pharaoh’s court. Over a thousand years later, a baby would be born and named after that almah; the sister of Moses. We know her as ‘Mary’ though she was always called ‘Miriam’. She would be the true almah - the virgin maiden chosen by God to bring the redeemer as a baby—Messiah— into the world. The word ‘almah’ means ‘one who is hidden,’ as in hidden from the world, separate and pure and untouched. In the same way, those who choose to become pure, untouched, separate from sin, cleansed, and holy - these will be the ones who will bear God’s presence and blessings into the world. Be that person. Become a spiritual ‘almah’ today. Separate yourself from sin and miracles will be born. For Messiah only comes through an “almah.”

From Message #1150 - The Almah & The Khatan

Today's Mission

Become a spiritual ‘almah’ today. Separate yourself from whatever you need to separate from and join yourself all the more to God.

Scripture: Isaiah 9:6
Isaiah 7