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Jonathan Cahn is known for bringing out the deep mysteries and rich revelations of God's word, as well as restoring the originally biblically Jewish context and flavor of the New Testament.  You can search and order resources here. New messages are posted every week as they become available.
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Is it possible that there exists an ancient mystery that holds the secret of America's future?
It is possible....AND IT'S REAL!


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Msg #: 2196 Date: 2018-06-03
The Stranger
Jonathan will reveal a fascinating mystery, most of which has never been revealed, an ancient prophecy, an unlikely man we all learned about in school, a prophetic odyssey, and the beginning of end-time prophecy.

Msg #: 2195 Date: 2018-06-01
Seraphim and Serpents
What is the connection between the seraphim and the serpents How do you overcome the most dangerous weapon of the enemy?

Msg #: 2194 Date: 2018-05-27
How to Hear God II
How can you hear the voice of God? What is God’s will for your life? How can you discover it? Learn the pitfalls to avoid, the keys of hearing God’s voice, and secrets of discovering His will for your life. Part II.

Msg #: 2193 Date: 2018-05-25
Living Inside the Biblical Realm
What would it be like to live in the days of the Bible? What would it be like to be one of the people in the Bible? What if you enter the days of the Bible and become that person?

Msg #: 2192 Date: 2018-05-20
Preparing for the Guest
What is the true Spirit-filled life? What are the keys God gives and you need to know to receive and live in the fullness of the Spirit and all God has for you? (And the mystery of the Two Pentecosts).

Msg #: 2191 Date: 2018-05-18
The Powers of the Ruach
When we think of the outpouring of the Spirit and the anointing of God’s people, we think of Pentecost in the Book of Acts. But long before that, the Spirit was poured on God’s people from the wilderness of Sinai to the visions of Ezekiel, discover from the keys of walking in God’s power from the fascinating lesser known outpourings

Msg #: 2190 Date: 2018-05-13
One of the most crucial, powerful, and vital words given by God in the Hebrew Scriptures, that most believers have no idea of. What this ancient Hebrew word reveals about the love of God for you that can change your life.

Msg #: 2189 Date: 2018-05-11
The Seventy Sevens
"One of the most fascinating, powerful, majestic, and amazing prophecies of the Messiah – Jonathan opens up the mysterious Seventy Sevens of Daniel, the exact mathematical countdown to the coming of Messiah and some surprising revelations hidden in the original language. "

Msg #: 2188 Date: 2018-05-06
Word from Israel PART II: Up To Jerusalem & The Eastern Gate
Jonathan takes you to the conclusion of the journey, up to Jerusalem, to the Temple Mount and what happened on that mount, the Pools of Bethesda, an amazing event at Bethlehem with shepherds at night, the Mt of Olives, the City of David, the Western Wall, the Temple Steps, the Garden of Gethsemane at night, the House of Caiaphas, the Garden Tomb, and more, with a special message on the Eastern Gate and God’s will for your life.

Msg #: 2187 Date: 2018-05-04
Word from Israel PART I: The Miracle Land & The Secret of Masada
Jonathan takes you along on the 2018 Pilgrimage to Israel from Caesarea to Mt. Carmel to Armageddon, to Nazareth, to Cana, to the Sea of Galilee, to Capernaum, to Chorazim, to the Jordan River, the Spring of Gideon, the Valley of Jezreel, the Wilderness, and then a special message on the amazing secret hidden in the sands of Masada

Msg #: 2186 Date: 2018-04-13
The State of Weightlessness
It is something that only a few astronauts have ever experienced -and yet you are to experience this same state in the spiritual realm. How to do that and how it will affect your life.

Msg #: 2185 Date: 2018-04-08
How to Hear God
How can you hear the voice of God? What is God’s will for your life? How can you discover it? Learn the pitfalls to avoid, the keys of hearing God’s voice, and secrets of discovering His will for your life.

Msg #: 2184 Date: 2018-04-06
The Cosmic Sham
There exists a cosmic hoax. And in one way or another you’re dealing with it every day of your life. The keys of recognizing it, dealing with it, and overcoming it.

Msg #: 2183 Date: 2018-04-01
The Man Whose Name is Genesis
A powerful, cosmic and colossal revelation and message. The secret hidden in the first Hebrew words of the Bible, in the first Greek words of the New Testament, in the mystical day called Yom Raysheet, the man called Genesis, the death of the beginning, the erasing of the past, and the true power to walk and live in the newness of life

Msg #: 2182 Date: 2018-03-30
The mystery behind the death of Messiah, the going down of the Light of the World, the cosmic sunset, the power to end all yesterdays, to put away all that is old, and completely leave the past, to rise in the new day

Msg #: 2181 Date: 2018-03-25
Son of the Clouds
Messiah was prophesied to come on a donkey, but also on the clouds – The rabbis couldn’t put it together – The amazing revelations hidden within the mystery, Messiah Son of Joseph, Messiah Son of David, the End-Times, the Last Days, the controversy of Jerusalem, and much more! (A powerful message for believers and unbelievers - given on Palm Sunday)

Msg #: 2180 Date: 2018-03-23
Passover 2018 – with Special Message 'The Celebration of Remembrance'
Experience the Passover Seder Last Supper Celebration recorded live at the Jerusalem Center as Jonathan takes you through the mysteries of the Passover Seder and shares a special message: The Celebration of Remembrance

Msg #: 2179 Date: 2018-03-18
They meant well, but they ended up being the most dysfunctional prayer group in world history. And what they learned has everything to do with your life.

Msg #: 2178 Date: 2018-03-16
What happens when the Most High comes down? The amazing cosmic stumbling block that can change your life.

Msg #: 2177 Date: 2018-03-11
What is the mission of your life? Are you on it? Or not yet? What Scriptures reveal it? And how do you get going on the mission?

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