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Jonathan Cahn is known for bringing out the deep mysteries and rich revelations of God's word, as well as restoring the originally biblically Jewish context and flavor of the New Testament.  You can search and order resources here. New messages are posted every week as they become available.
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Is it possible that there exists an ancient mystery that holds the secret of America's future?
It is possible....AND IT'S REAL!


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Msg #: 2071 Date: 2016-10-16
The last celebration of the Bible is filled with revelations of the last appointed time of God - the Kingdom of Heaven. And within that revelation are the elements of heaven, the keys of living a heavenly life.

Msg #: 2070 Date: 2016-10-14
The autumn holy days hold the key to what is yet to come - from the Feast of Trumpets, to Yom Kippur, to Sukkot, the Feast of Tabernacles - uncover the amazing revelation of the end-times.

Msg #: 2069 Date: 2016-10-09
In His Presence
The most holy moment of the biblical year was also the most intimate. The most important subject of your life is your intimacy with God - Discover the keys that you might have it.

Msg #: 2068 Date: 2016-10-07
The Sacred Genome
The ancient priesthood of the Bible, the amazing discoveries of modern DNA breakthroughs, your sacred lineage, and what it has to do with your life.

Msg #: 2067 Date: 2016-10-02
The Harbinger of Baal
The harbingers continue to appear in the manifestation of the Sign of Baal in New York City. Discover the fascinating revelation, that brings together the Harbinger, the ancient god of Baal, the last days of ancient Israel, the present days of America, what happened as Jonathan witnessed, firsthand, the unveiling of the harbinger, the words that were spoken, the surprise revelation, and the sign of Baal hidden in high places. (Recommendation: Get the DVD so you can see all the images)

Msg #: 2066 Date: 2016-09-30
Days of the Tishbite
As the culture around us undergoes the same transformation as in the last days of ancient Israel - the church, and each of us, must shift from the David Paradigm to the Elijah Paradigm. Discover what that means and how to overcome in the last days and in such a time as this!

Msg #: 2065 Date: 2016-09-23
One Hebrew word that changed the lives of some of the greatest people of the Bible. One Hebrew word that will change your life as well.

Msg #: 2064 Date: 2016-09-18
En Ha Korah: The Well of the Caller
The biblical key that God honors as to answering our prayers, from Samson to the prophets to the leper that Messiah touched… the secret in the Well of the Caller.

Msg #: 2063 Date: 2016-09-16
The Realm of Above
There is a way to live, overcoming all things in your life, without even dealing with them. Learn the secret of The Realm of the Above.

Msg #: 2062 Date: 2016-09-11
AFTER THE SHAKING: Prophetic Word on the 15th Anniversary of 9/11
Pastor Jonathan will share a prophetic word for our times.

Msg #: 2061 Date: 2016-09-09
The Nezer
One of the biggest struggles any believer has is that of the mind and dealing with one's thoughts. Discover biblical keys, victory in your thought life and thus, in every other area.

Msg #: 2060 Date: 2016-08-21
What is the Panim Ha Mashiach? From Isaiah 53 to the Gospels and to our lives, that which is not seen and yet what we must see and even become.

Msg #: 2059 Date: 2016-08-19
The answer to everything, literally every problem, situation, cicumstance, and challenge- a solution so simple and radical that most of us miss- but an answer that will change our walks and lives.

Msg #: 2058 Date: 2016-08-14
It's one of the most passive sounding words in the English language. And yet the revelation it holds can change the way you see your walk and bring you to victory.

Msg #: 2057 Date: 2016-08-12
A fascinating ancient mystery, that you probably never knew was behind one of the most famous of events. A surprising and rich revelation.

Msg #: 2056 Date: 2016-08-07
What is the God Quest and are you on it? If not, how to get on it. It can change your life.

Msg #: 2055 Date: 2016-07-31
Another fascinating mystery that begins with the words of Messiah and touches modern science, the death of Messiah, and the Garden Tomb as you've never heard it before, and how it has everything to do with your life.

Msg #: 2054 Date: 2016-07-29
The Adderet was given to every great man and woman in the bible, from kings to deliverers to prophets and apostles. What it reveals about fulfilling your calling.

Msg #: 2053 Date: 2016-07-15
A fascinating mystery spanning thousands of years of history from ancient Israel, to Messiah, to the scattering of the Jewish people throughout the earth, to the twentieth century, to world wars, the occult- and to your life.

Msg #: 2052 Date: 2016-07-03
On July 4, 1776 America issued the Declaration of Independence severing its ties with the British Empire. There is another Declaration of Independence - one that you have to issue. Learn what it is and how to do it.

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