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Today's Sapphire

Your Mantle of Glory

Monday, November 20, 2023

The word mantle often refers to one's calling. Scripture speaks about the mantle of Elijah that he threw over Elisha calling him to rise to the mantle of the prophet. You too have a mantle or calling in your life. The word mantle in Hebrew is Adderet. It holds a secret. It comes from the word adir meaning powerful. God has called you with a powerful calling. He'll equip you with the power to fulfill your calling. It also means excellent. He's given you an excellent calling. You're called to excellence. The word also means glorious. God has given you a glorious calling. Live accordingly. It also means worthy. You're never worthy; any more than Elisha was worthy of that mantle, but the Lord makes you worthy. The mantle is always bigger than you are right now, so that you can grow into it. You become worthy of the mantle, as you live it and walk it, you become it. God has given you a mantle; it's glorious. Live excellently, mightily, gloriously and worthy - for that, and nothing less, is the calling of your mantle.

From Message #621 - The Mantle

Today's Mission

Seek today to walk in the fullness of your calling - and start growing into your mantle.

Scripture: Romans 11:29