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Today's Sapphire

A Treasure of Righteousness

Friday, March 17, 2023

Can you picture the stock traders on the floor of the Stock Exchange when stocks are quickly rising or falling? It's crowded, chaotic, competing, desperate, nerve-racking. Everybody in this world crowds in to get hold of a good thing. But when it comes to seeking righteousness, not too many are around. There certainly isn't much competition for it. But righteousness is the greatest treasure of all and nobody is fighting over it. It's all there, it's open for you, with no limit. Take as much as you want. It's the treasure you have in God; the treasures of the Kingdom of God. So, stop seeking those things which are not treasures. So many are fighting for these things and have nothing. Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness. That is the treasure--the pearl of great price. The world doesn't realize it, but you do. It's free for the taking and you can have as much as you are willing to receive. That's it. It's amazing!

From Message #1264 - Seek First

Today's Mission

As you look to God each day, strive for the moral perfection that can only come from Him. Take your eyes off of what the world has to offer and seek His righteousness.

Scripture: Matthew 5:6