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Where Is It Written?

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Once when I was over at my sister’s house, I picked up one of my nieces to play with her. At this point, the other niece cried, “Pick me up! You picked her up, you have to pick me up!” I replied, “Where is it written that just because I picked up your sister, I have to pick you up too?” Two minutes later, she handed me a piece of paper on which was written, “When you pick up one of us, you have to pick up the other.” It was a clever move. For what is written often has the ability to give one authority, power, and freedom. And what is written in the Word of God is the ultimate authority. It’s written that you have the power to live a life of victory. In fact, you have all sorts of rights and freedoms and authorities that you may not be using at all. All the more reason to get into the Scriptures, for in them you’ll find your authority to live, to overcome, and to be blessed. Where is it written? In the Word of God, that’s where.

From Message #1227 - The Other King

Today's Mission

Today, take one Word of God and stand on it, obey it, and apply it.