Compassion Projects

Hope of the World Ministries has become a center for outreach through special projects of compassion helping the poor and needy throughout the earth. Several times a year new projects are presented and opportunities given for you to touch lives, meet specific needs, bring many to salvation, provide opportunities for the persecuted to be strengthened, and to literally be a vessel of healing - right from your own home. You can be a part of helping to provide water wells for the thirsty, medical relief, Bibles and support to the persecuted, bringing back the Jewish people to their homeland, building bamboo churches, caring for the needs of lepers, orphans, and more!

Hope of the World has a special ministry to helping the persecuted believers of the world and strengthening all believers with special teachings & resources on audio cds and video dvds.

The Lord said, 'When I was hungry, you gave Me something to eat, I was thirsty, and you gave me drink, I was a stranger, and you asked Me in, I was naked, and you clothed Me, sick and you visited Me, in prison, and you came to Me..."  

Current Project

Helping to provide a water treatment system in Luim, Indonesia.


Watch Video of Compassion Projects in Action

New Compassion Projects you can be part of

Helping to provide medical services to the poor communities in El Salvador with dental, nutritional, and pediatric care

Sharing the Gospel of Good News with Jewish unbelievers worldwide who have indicated an interest via person-to-person or social media

Providing dairy cows for poor families in Burundi, Africa
Providing Refugee Hope Kits to victims of terror in the Middle East with food, blankets, warm clothing, and shoes all in the name of Yeshua

Ongoing projects

Helping to reach gang members in prisons and detention centers in Guatemala with the love of God through the Bible

Caring for orphaned and abandoned children in central asia

Helping to train university students in Nova Scotia to spread the Good News among the lost
Helping to provide for the needy and broken hearted in Israel with basic assistance while letting them know that they are not alone