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Jonathan Cahn is known for opening the deep biblical mysteries and prophetic revelations of God. On this page you'll find a comprehensive list containing most of Jonathan Cahn's messages and teachings from the mysteries of God, prophetic and end-time teachings, exposition of biblical verses, texts, and books, living victoriously in God, apologetics, current issues and events, and a wide variety of subjects. New messages are added almost every week as they become available. Search by message title, subject, etc. Members of Hope of the World receive special messages every month.
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Messages 41 to 60 of 2502
The True and False Messiahs
An ancient question and two thousand years of candidates, runners up, and imitations.  The fascinating history of the false messiahs and what it does tell us about the true Messiah – and our lives.
Message 2514 2022-11-27

The Microscopic Miracles
Some of the greatest miracles are taking place invisibly and yet our lives depend on them. Discover the truths of the microscopic miracles.
Message 2513 2022-11-25

The Greater
One of the most mysterious figures in the Bible and what he teaches on what a life of greatness truly is.
Message 2512 2022-11-20

The Requirements of Miracles
God gave many promises that most believers never experience – The missing reasons why and how to actually unlock the power of miracles.
Message 2511 2022-11-13

The Keys of Joshua and Caleb
Only two of the wilderness generation made it into the Promised Land – Joshua and Caleb. Discover the keys and secrets of that they knew and put into practice. Apply it to your life and it will lead you to a victorious life in God.
Message 2510 2022-11-13

The Athenian Altar
An ancient altar of paganism and the surprising secret it contains unlocked by an apostle – the secrets and keys of evangelism, redemption, and victory.
Message 2509 2022-11-11

The Entities
Jonathan opens up the mystery of the ancient entities, spirits, beings, and the ancient warning given by God as what would happen if they returned to our world!
Message 2508 2022-10-30

The Dugim and the Akravim
From the words of Messiah to His disciples, some of the most important, deep, and life changing truths concerning your life, the good, the bad, and the transformed.
Message 2507 2022-10-28

The Interrogators
One ancient people are commended above the rest because they did one thing. How doing what they did can change your walk and life.
Message 2506 2022-10-23

The Dripping Priest
Every child of God is called to be a priest of the Most High. But the priests had to be wet in order to minister and fulfill their calling. So do you. Discover what that means.
Message 2505 2022-10-21

The Omega Party
The mystery of the Tabernacles, the feast that comes in the Autumn and how this unlocks the power to live a life of hope, victory, and joy (Note recorded during the Feast of Tabernacles
Message 2504 2022-10-09

Heaven on Earth
There is another dimension of heaven, a dimension we can enter even now while on earth. The Bible is filled with this mystery – Discover how to unlock it! (Note recorded during Feast of Tabernacles)
Message 2503 2022-10-07

Invitation to the Holy
Jonathan opens up the most life-giving, down to earth, practical, step by step keys and secrets of Yom Kippur to apply to your life with God, for cleansing, change, overcoming sin, transformation, and victory.
Message 2502 2022-10-02

The Scarlet Man
Jonathan shared the mysteries of Yom Kippur, the priestly ritual, the urn, the lots, the scarlet cord, the two goats, and so much more. And also the amazing mysteries of Messiah’s redemption given on the celebration of Yom Kippur.
Message 2501 2022-09-30

The Mystery of the Shemitah Continues
On the last day of the Shemitah, the Sabbath Year, Elul 29, Jonathan shows how the mystery of the Shemitah has continued up to the present day (The Video includes financial graphs and charts & the Feast of Trumpets celebration)
Message 2500 2022-09-25

News of the End
On the Feast of Trumpets, Jonathan opens up the different realms of end-time prophecy and matches it up with the stories and headlines of the day, even that September. (The Video includes the Feast of Trumpets Celebration)
Message 2499 2022-09-23

Twenty - One Years
With so much happening prophetically, Jonathan shares a special prophetic message. 
Message 2498 2022-09-11

The Yahweh Heart
So many believers have everything except this one thing – How to live and move from the God heart – How to live a new way! 
Message 2497 2022-09-09

Above the Gods
The apostle stands on a pagan high place and the God of Israel confronts the gods of the world – A powerful moment, a powerful truth, a powerful secret for the end-time believer and our own day. Sunday
Message 2496 2022-09-04

The Boundary Stones
An ancient principle, an ancient warning, and a phenomenon that is happening in daytime more than any other day before it – It lies behind everything. What you need to know and do. 
Message 2495 2022-09-02

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Messages 41 to 60 of 2502