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Jonathan Cahn is known for opening the deep biblical mysteries and prophetic revelations of God. On this page you'll find a comprehensive list containing most of Jonathan Cahn's messages and teachings from the mysteries of God, prophetic and end-time teachings, exposition of biblical verses, texts, and books, living victoriously in God, apologetics, current issues and events, and a wide variety of subjects. New messages are added almost every week as they become available. Search by message title, subject, etc. Members of Hope of the World receive special messages every month.
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The Three End-Time Mysteries of Tabernacles
Sukkot, the Feast of Tabernacle is the “End-Feast” – And so it contains the mysteries of the end times and a special prophetic revelation for Israel, the Church, and the World – Discover the end-time mysteries as Jonathan leads the Feast of Tabernacle Celebration recorded live.
Message 2577 2023-09-29

The Missing One
The most holy day of the year was also the most intimate. This has everything to do with the last 2000 of Jewish History and modern times, but also with you, your walk, the secret place, your first love, intimacy with God, and the glory of His presence.
Message 2576 2023-09-24

The Yom Kippur Triad
The most awesome day of the Biblical year is filled with mysteries – deep, rich, and powerful. From the mysteries of Messiah’s atonement and redemption, to the mysteries of end-time prophecy, and from the scapegoat and scarlet thread to the end-times, the Second Coming, and the redemption of the cosmos.
Message 2575 2023-09-22

The Shofar Key to Blessing
On the Feast of Trumpets, Jonathan reveals the other side of the shofar, the powers, the blessings, the ushering in, the new beginnings – and the key that unlocks all of them.
Message 2574 2023-09-17

The Days of Grapes & Trumpets
On the Feast of Trumpets, Jonathan opens up the different realms of end-time prophecy and matches it up with the stories and headlines of the day, even that September. (The Video includes the Feast of Trumpets Celebration)
Message 2573 2023-09-15

The Mystery of Barbie (Ishtar, Ken, & Tammuz)
As the movie Barbie has become a cultural touchstone, Jonathan exposes the phenomenon from its origins and ramifications, with everything from 2001: A Space Odyssey, a German precursor, a Mesopotamian goddess, broken babies, and the return of the gods
Message 2571 2023-09-08

The Romans 12:2 Secret
One of the most important keys, principles, and overlooked secrets on how to stand, overcome, gain breakthrough and victory from Messiah Himself
Message 2570 2023-09-03

The Appointed Days
Jonathan continues in the special first sharing of the mysteries from his soon to be released book, The Josiah Manifesto. A fascinating mystery that happened before our eyes, before the world, and yet that manifested God’s ancient calendar of the sacred and appointed times.
Message 2569 2023-09-01

The Kingdom of Altered Measures
What is behind the changes and transformations taking place in our culture, our nation, and our world – the ancient key from God’s Word that reveals all.
Message 2568 2023-08-27

The Pillar and the Cloud
God led His people through the wilderness by the Pillar and the Cloud. What does it reveal to us? How does God lead you? How do you know and fulfill God’s will for your life? 
Message 2567 2023-08-06

The Winds of Hinnom
The second of Jonathan’s first-ever sharing of the mysteries in his soon to be released book, The Josiah Manifesto. The stunning revelation from Leviticus, the ordinance of the Jubilee, the Valley of Hinnom, America, a plague, and an amazing mystery of timing that couldn’t be revealed until now! 
Message 2566 2023-08-04

The Fig Tree Revelation
A parable from Messiah and the deep prophetic revelations hidden within it – Israel, the end-times, the harvest, and your life! 
Message 2565 2023-07-30

The Island of Mysteries
For the first time ever, Jonathan will begin sharing special prophetic messages from the mysteries in his soon to be released book The Josiah Manifesto: An island of mysteries, the Jubilee, the return of the exile, countdown for a dictator, & more! 
Message 2564 2023-07-28

The Crewcut Apostle
And most believers have never heard of it – But it’s in the Bible – One of the most surprising secrets from the Book of Acts and a mystery figure in the Torah. 
Message 2563 2023-07-23

Zechariah, Israel, End-Time Prophecy & the Bar Mitzvah of Eliel Cahn
A most moving, meaningful, and powerful night. Jonathan Bar Mitzvahs his oldest Eliel.  Eliel shares a message, and then Jonathan:  Zechariah, the Golden Menorah, Israel, End-Time Prophecy, the Reality of God (The DVD shows everything!)
Message 2562 2023-07-21

The Dwelling
In a special service in God’s presence, Jonathan shares of the deep meaning and revelations of the Mishkan, and dwelling in the dwelling presence of God.
Message 2561 2023-07-02

The Creation Stone
One of the most majestic and powerful of mysteries, from the Passover Psalm, to the Creation of the Cosmos, to the Resurrection, and to your life! 
Message 2560 2023-06-25

It’s a Mad, Mad World
Does it seem as the culture is going crazy? It is. What does the Bible have to say about it? And how do you live and stand in a world gone mad? 
Message 2559 2023-06-23

A New Past
Jonathan shares about the mystery of God’s fatherhood and what it means for each of us – to go from children of wrath to beloved children of God – the mystery of changing your past – a message both of God’s mystery and to the heart of each of us.
Message 2558 2023-06-18

The Mystery Procession
A deep mystery from the secrets of Leviticus to the rites of the Altar, to John the Baptist, Caiaphas, Messiah, our redemption, and your salvation!
Message 2557 2023-06-16

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Messages 41 to 60 of 2564