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Jonathan Cahn is known for bringing out the deep mysteries and rich revelations of God's word, as well as restoring the originally biblically Jewish context and flavor of the New Testament.  You can search and order resources here. New messages are posted every week as they become available.
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Msg #: 2322 Date: 2020-02-14
In the Shadow of the Tree
A most beautiful mystery verse from the beautiful Song of Solomon – Open up the treasures hidden in the original language, treasures of the intimacy of the bride and groom, how to dwell in His shadow, and the sweetness of His presence.

Msg #: 2321 Date: 2020-02-09
End Time Chicken 
Fast food and the end times – could the two things come together to give a prophetic revelation of what is taking place around every believer.  Discover the profound ramifications of end time chicken!

Msg #: 2320 Date: 2020-02-07
The Importance of Being Stiff-Necked
We are told not to be stiff-necked.  Learn the secret that most believers miss and never apply - that the Lord applied all the time – It will change your life.

Msg #: 2319 Date: 2020-02-02
The Argument!
Enter the Book of Acts to uncover the argument that changed the course of Paul’s life, the early church, and the world – And what it has to do with your life.

Msg #: 2318 Date: 2020-01-31
Direct Your Mind To The Highway
Every believer deals with falling. But are there ways to avoid it happening?  And what do you do if you fall?  Learn the keys of averting, overcoming, and redeeming the fall – and the powerful keys from an ancient Scripture.

Msg #: 2317 Date: 2020-01-24
Secrets of the Mind II
Before the battle is won in your life, it must be won in  your mind.  Learn the surprising truths from God’s word about your mind and transform your thought life.

Msg #: 2316 Date: 2020-01-17
The Keys to Your Ascending
God has called you to go up, to ascend to higher ground.  How do you do that?  Opening up what is revealed in the lives of the great lives in the Bible, discover the keys to get you to the next level and to the heights.

Msg #: 2315 Date: 2020-01-12
Jeremiah's Prison Prophecy
Jonathan shares a promise and a call for the new year – From personal sharing and accounts of his calling in the Lord to a word by word opening up of one of the most important promises in the Bible for your life!

Msg #: 2314 Date: 2020-01-05
Word For The Year - 2020
Jonathan will share the specific word he received for 2020, in praying for God’s words, message, and counsel for 2020 – He will share what was not shared on Friday.

Msg #: 2313 Date: 2019-12-24
The Miracle In The Darkness
Two thousand years ago a miracle took place that the world had no idea of.  Two thousand years later that same miracle is everywhere and has changed the course of world history.  That same event is also the miracle of your life, a miracle no one sees, but that has the power to change every part of your world and life.  A beautiful and powerful message for the world and your life.

Msg #: 2312 Date: 2019-12-22
The Magian Heart
They are among the most mysterious people in the Bible, a caste of priests of a pagan religion, we know as “the Magi.”  Discover their secrets, and the treasures and keys they hold for you right now – how to live a life of blessing, fulfillment, and the attaining of your appointed destiny.

Msg #: 2311 Date: 2019-12-20
The Least Likely Place
Behind all the Christmas scenes and imagery most people have grown up lie rich and beautiful ancient mysteries – Why was Messiah born where He was born – Open up the mysteries.

Msg #: 2310 Date: 2019-12-15
The Ministry of Light
You are called to be a light in the world – But what does that really mean?  It means you have a radical power to manifest – Learn how and it will change not only your life but your every circumstance – and even your world.

Msg #: 2309 Date: 2019-12-13
The Hanukah Secrets of a Victorious Life
Hanukah is a festival of freedom and overcoming – In it are contained the secrets of attaining a life of freedom, overcoming, and victory.  Discover what they are.

Msg #: 2308 Date: 2019-12-08
The Jubilean Trumpet
 The Jublilean mystery of the shofar and the secret that lies behind the events of our country and the world.

Msg #: 2307 Date: 2019-12-06
I've Fallen, and I Can't Get Up
No walk is without bruises and falls.  But what you do after the fall can break or make our life in God.  Learn how to come out stronger. 

Msg #: 2306 Date: 2019-12-01
The Secret of the Lambs
Messiah is the Lamb of God We are little lambs. This most innocent of creatures holds the key to the greatest of powers in your life.  learn the surprising keys that overcome all things.

Msg #: 2305 Date: 2019-11-29
The State of Charis
There is a simple practice from the bible that can guarantee happiness, joy, fulfillment, and peace!  Apply it and all these blessings will be yours.

Msg #: 2304 Date: 2019-11-24
The Great Unleashing
The moment that changed history and the world - and the principle it holds for unleashing God's purposes and blessings in your own life!

Msg #: 2303 Date: 2019-11-22
The Revelation and the Dream
The awesome, deep, and majestic mystery of Messiah, in the shadow of Joseph, comes to its conclusion as the veil is removed for the final revelation!

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Messages 41 to 60 of 2307