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From the Desk of Jonathan Cahn


I’m writing to you who responded that you wanted to get more information on the 2018 Super Tour to Israel.

Above are the contacts to be able to reserve a seat/ or seats – or to find out more about it.

It’s going to be an amazing, once-in-a-lifetime experience and pilgrimage.  

This year is going to be even more special as we will be there at the time of the 70th Anniversary of the Nation of Israel. The spring is the most beautiful time to see Israel, when the Promised Land is in blossom.

And this year we’ll be doing things we’ve never done before.

So, I invite you not to miss one of the most amazing and life-changing journeys you could ever experience.

It's my aim to make it the richest, fullest, most powerful, and life-changing experience and journey you can possibly have.

Throughout the pilgrimage, I'll be sharing throughout, giving Biblical teachings where you'll not only be hearing the Bible but seeing it all around you.  There will be worship and special times with the Lord. 

If you can imagine - sailing on the Sea of Galilee, standing on the mountain ridge overlooking the Holy City, being baptized in the Jordan River, renewing your vows to your spouse or to our Lord under the Olive Trees of Cana, Swimming in the Dead Sea, praying in the Upper Room, Planting a Tree in the soil of the Holy Land, having Communion at the Garden Tomb, and much more!

There will be special experiences that, as far as we know, are never or rarely done on other tours - Including a service under the stars in the ancient synagogue of Chorazim - where Messiah and His disciples were, a prophetic journey to the Eastern Gate,  riding Camels and experiencing a Bedouin tent dinner in the land of Abraham, having communion in the  Garden of Gethsemane at night! And much, much more!

Some of the new special things we’ll be doing that we haven’t done before: Boat Rafting down the Jordan River!  A Jeep Adventure on the Mountains of the Golan Heights!   Swimming in the Biblical springs of the land of Gideon!   Walking through the biblical Hezekiah’s tunnel!   Ascending Mt. Gilboah where Saul and Jonathan battled, overlooking Gideon’s valley & Jezreel!  Seeing the walled city of Jericho!   Worshiping in Shepherd’s Field in Bethlehem at night by candlelight!  And more!

Not only will it change your life – but it will change the lives of those in your life who need to be blessed, or who need salvation…
The tour does fill up, so to reserve a seat/ seats – phone or email Coral Tours - * Just use the contact below.   *They’ll tell you how to reserve your place on the tour. You won’t have to pay upfront, just an initial deposit and we’ll have one year to prepare.

See the 2 Clips below to get an idea - The first I just recorded to give you a taste of the 2018 Tour - The second is a slide presentation from one of the previous tours I've done.

Also, check out the itinerary and pictures below.

Reservations and openings may be limited.  Don't miss it.  Reserve your seats and for your loved ones and friends.   Just use the Contact Info provided below.

God greatly bless you and God willing, we’ll meet on the shores of the Promised Land!


Jonathan Cahn

See Clips Below To Get a Taste...

Get a Taste! See A Slide Show from Past Tours:

To Make Your Reservation - Or Find Out More Info. - Questions:


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Or Call: 973-921-1166

Outside NJ Call: 866-267-2511

April 23 to May 3
(Israel’s 70th Birthday!)



Imagine journeying through the Holy Land
Hosted by and with Teachings and Sharing of

*At the time of the Seventieth Anniversary of Israel! 
In the SPRINGTIME OF 2018 - APRIL 23 – MAY 3


Day 1 – April 23 - Monday: USA – Tel Aviv
Overnight flight to Tel Aviv.
Day 2 – April 24 - Tuesday: Arrival – Jaffa – Tel Aviv – Shores of Mediterranean
Arrive at Ben Gurion Airport near Tel-Aviv where your Coral representative will be waiting to greet and assist you. Meet your guide and drive to the ancient city of Jaffa where the prophet Jonah set sail for Tarshish, the Apostle Peter raised Tabitha, and where Peter’s vision opened up the Gospel to people from all nations. Drive by Independence Hall in Tel Aviv, where the establishment of the state of Israel was announced. Gather for a special time with the Lord on the shores of the Mediterranean. Drive to your hotel. Dinner and overnight: Hotel in Tel Aviv.

Day 3 – April 25 - Wednesday: Caesarea – Mt. Carmel – Mt. Gilboah – Jezreel – Galilee
Drive along the Plains of the Sharon and the Mediterranean Sea to the ancient city of Caesarea built by Herod the Great 2000 years ago.  See the Roman Theater and Aqueducts. Ascend to the top of Mt. Carmel where Elijah challenged and defeated the prophets of Baal. View the Valley of Armageddon, the destination of all end-time prophecy. Journey through the heartland of Israel to Mt. Gilboah & the Valley of Jezreel and see where so much of the Bible took place (Saul, David, Gideon, etc.). See the place where Gideon’s army overcame the Midianites. If time permits stop at Tel Jezreel for an overview of the Jezreel Valley. Ascend to the top of Mt. Arbel and behold the beautiful land and Sea of Galilee. Dinner and Overnight: Hotel near the Sea of Galilee.

Day 4 – April 26 - Thursday: Boat Raft ride down the Jordan River – Jeep Ride Adventure  on the Golan Heights   - Bethsaida – Capernaum – Magdala –Chorazim 
After breakfast experience a Boat Raft Ride down the Jordan river – and then a Jeep Ride adventure on the mountains of the Golan Heights   Return to the Sea of Galilee and visit the newly uncovered  site of Bethsaida where Peter and others of the disciples grew up.  Then enter the  ancient city of Capernaum,  where Messiah dwelt, ministered, and healed the sick. (Matthew 4:13). Visit the excavation of the House of the Apostle Peter and worship in the Ancient Synagogue of Capernaum.  Then see Magdala, the home of Mary Magdalene and one of the oldest synagogues in the world and where Messiah would have taught. In the evening, experience a special candlelight service on the very ground of the Ancient Synagogue of Chorazim where Messiah actually stood and ministered! Dinner and Overnight: Hotel near the Sea of Galilee.

Day 5 – April 27 - Friday: Cana – Nazareth – Shores of Galilee – Sail on the Sea of Galilee – Sabbath – Hot Springs of Galilee
In the morning you’ll see Cana of Galilee, where Messiah performed his first miracle at the Wedding (John 2: 1-11) And you can Renew your Consecration to your Beloved and Couples can renew their vows to each other in a special ceremony under the Olive Trees of Cana.  Then you’ll go to the City of Nazareth, on the hills, where Messiah spent most of his life.  You’ll go up to  Mt. Precipice where Messiah would have stood overlooking the Jezreel Valley and Armageddon.    You’ll experience a special outdoor lunch by the Sea of Galilee partaking of St. Peter’s fish from the sea.  Then you’ll spend a special time with the Lord on the northern shore of the Sea of Galilee where Messiah called His disciples, in the region of Tagha, the place of miracles.  And the end of the day you’ll  sail as did the disciples on the Sea of Galilee in a recreation of an ancient ship, where you’ll worship and enjoy being in the same sea as the disciples as the sun begins to set – You’ll usher in the Sabbath with a special time on the boat in the middle of the Sea of Galilee! Dinner and overnight: Hotel near the Sea of Galilee. Night optional: You’ll have an option to bathe in the same ancient hot springs of Galilee that people bathed in two thousand years ago at Hamat Gader.

Day 6 – April 28 - Saturday: Baptism in the Jordan – Gideon’s Spring – Swimming in land of Gideon - Jericho - Bedouin Tent Dinner & Bedouin Night Experience
You’ll start the day at the baptismal site Yardenit in a special baptism in the waters of the Jordan River. Then you’ll stand over Gideon's Spring, the site of Judge Gideon (Judges 7: 1-25) where Gideon chose his army.  Then you’ll have the chance to swim in one of the springs of Gideon’s land - at Sachne (Gan Hashlosha)  The tour will then take you to the Jordan Valley to the biblical city of Jericho, believed to be the oldest walled city in the world. This was the first city taken by Joshua when the Hebrews returned from Egypt – "and the walls fell down".  It was also the site of the Mount of Temptation (Mark 1:13). You’ll then journey along the shores of the Dead Sea through the Wilderness of Judea to a special Bedouin experience at Kfar Hanokdim, where you will experience a camel ride and an unforgettable night in a special Bedouin tent city. You’ll partake in a Bedouin Banquet Dinner with Middle Eastern foods and worship under the stars of the Wilderness. Overnight: Bedouin Tent City Experience in Kfar Hanokdim.

Day 7 – April 29 - Sunday: Sunday Morning Service in the Wilderness- Masada - En Gedi – Dead Sea – Ascend to Jerusalem
You’ll start the day experiencing a special Sunday Morning Service in the Midbar, the biblical wilderness, as the children of Israel did when they journeyed with Moses.   Then you’ll ascend  by cable car to the spectacular mountain fortress of Masada.  Explore the ancient excavation of Herod’s Palaces, the bathhouse, the storerooms, the ramp, and the oldest Synagogue in the world. You’ll continue on to Springs of En Gedi in the desert oasis where King David dwelt with God.  You’ll continue on to the shores of the lowest place on planet earth and experience what it is to "float" on the amazing Dead Sea. You’ll pass by the caves of the Dead Sea Scrolls. And then you’ll ascend the mountains of Moriah to the center of the world to behold the Holy City of Jerusalem.  Dinner and Overnight: Hotel in Jerusalem.  Night optional: Experience thriving Israeli culture at Ben Yehuda Street in Jerusalem packed with restaurants and small shops.

Day 8 – April 30 - Monday: Temple Mt. – Pools of Bethesda – Lion’s Gate - Yad Vashem -  Herodion – Nativity – Shepherd’s Field - Bethlehem
You’ll ascend the Temple Mount to stand in the very center of the world , on the actual ground where once stood the Holy Temple of God, the Outer Courts, the Court of the Priests, the Holy Place, The Holy of Holies, and the place where the Lord will reign.  Then you’ll go to the actual Pools of Bethesda where Messiah healed the crippled man and St. Anne’s Cathedral – You’ll walk through Lion’s Gate, the Gate through which Jerusalem was restored to Israel in the Six Day War - You’ll then go to Yad Vashem, the powerful memorial and museum of the Holocaust.   Then you’ll go to the city of Bethlehem You’ll walk through the mysterious ancient Herodian where Herod the Great built his fortress and palace and the location of his burial.  Then you’ll see enter the Church of the Nativity marking the birthplace of Messiah and Shepherd's Field, where the Gospel of Luke tells us an angel announced the birth of Jesus. Worship the Lord on the hills overlooking the little town of Bethlehem with a candlelight ceremony under the stars by night.  Dinner and Overnight: Hotel in Jerusalem.

Day 9 – May 1 - Tuesday: Jerusalem  - Mt. of Olive – City of David – Hezekiah’s Tunnel – Pool of Siloam – Jaffa Gate – Shuk – Holy Sepulcher – Cardo – Western Wall – Eastern Gate – Garden of Gethsemane – Rabbis’ Tunnel
On this morning you’ll ascend the biblical and prophetic Mt. of Olives from which Messiah entered Jerusalem and from which again He will return.  You’ll behold a breathtaking panoramic view of Jerusalem.  Then you’ll enter the ancient City of David, where you will see King David’s Palace.  Partake in a truly biblical experience walking through Hezekiah's Tunnel to the Pool of Siloam where Messiah healed the blind man.  Enter the Walled City of Jerusalem via the Jappa Gate. Walk the streets of the Old City through the Shuk, the ancient colorful bazaar to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher and through the Ancient Cardo to the Jewish Quarter.  Then you’ll stand on the biblical Steps of the Temple of Jerusalem where Messiah Himself walked.   After that you’ll approach the holiest site in the Jewish world, the Western Wall, where you can spend some time with the Lord.   Then take an unforgettable prophetic journey in between the Temple and the Mt. of Olives to the Eastern Gate, the Golden Gate, through which Messiah will walk.  Finally you’ll experience a once in a life time communion among the olive trees at the Garden of Gethsemane. Dinner and overnight: Hotel in Jerusalem. Night optional: After dinner take part in a biblical night adventure of discovery as you walk under the Temple Mount through the Rabbis’ Tunnel!

Day 10 – May 2 - Wednesday: Tree Planting – House of Caiaphas – Upper Room – Garden Tomb – Farewell Celebration Dinner – Depart Jerusalem
You’ll begin the day with a drive to the hills of Judea, near the biblical city of Modin, the home of the Maccabbees, where you will be able to take part of prophecy by planting a tree in the Holy Land on the mountains of Neot Kdumim.  You’ll return to Jerusalem and enter the House of Caiaphas where Messiah was taken and put on trial.  Then you’ll stand in the Upper Room and pray in the traditional dwelling where the disciples received the Holy Spirit. You’ll even pray on the rooftop of the Upper Room! End the day with a special service at Calvary/ Golgotha and the Empty Garden Tomb. Seal up your pilgrimage with a special Farewell Dinner Celebration. Leave for the airport for your flight back to the USA or stay overnight and fly the next day.

Day 11 – May 3 - Thursday: Tel Aviv - USA
Your flight departs around Midnight or in the morning. Arrive USA the same day.

* Subject to Change as the Lord leads*