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Massive fire breaks out in Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris

By Lucia I. Suarez Sang, Nicole Darrah

San Jose Decides to Display Rainbow Flags Near Its New Airport Chick-fil-A

By Steve Warren

Pro-Life Movie, 'Unplanned' Continues To Surprise At Box Office


'Simply Mind-Blowing': Researchers Believe They've Discovered the Route Moses Took Out of Egypt

By CBN News

Virginia kindergarten students celebrate transgender kids on Read Across America Day

By Jana J. Pruet

New concerns Trump administration may be laying legal groundwork for military action against Iran

By Conor Finnegan

Christian Radio K-LOVE Refuses to Air 'Unplanned' Ads for Being Too 'Political'

By Tre Goins-Phillips

Measles accelerates to second-highest level in US in 25 years and over 100,000 global cases

By Elizabeth Cohen

Since “Unplanned” Movie Released, 94 Abortion Clinic Workers Have Said They May Quit Their Jobs

By Micaiah Bilger

Frankenstein Designer Kids: What You Don’t Know About Gender-Transitioning Will Blow Your Mind

By Robert Bridge

Ohio student suspended after posting Bible verses around school: 'I wanted to spread the word of God'

By Talia Kaplan

China vows to rid Christianity of 'western' influence: 'One more Christian, one less Chinese'

By Leah Marie-Ann Klett

Pennsylvania Family Told They Can't Hold a Bible Study on Their Own Property

By Donna Russell

UK refuses Christian convert asylum by quoting Bible passages that 'prove Christianity is not peaceful'

By May Bulman

Maine bill pitches abortions by nurses, physician assistants

By The Associated Press

Indiana Court Rules Sale of Aborted Babies Is Now Illegal

By WND news

'Beto' O'Rourke endorses third-trimester abortions as a 'decision that the woman makes'

By Calvin Freiburger

Only 25 Percent of Christians Live in 'Spiritually Vibrant' Homes, Barna Study Finds

By Michael Foust

'College Professors Are Predatory': Former Student Shares How Her Professor Convinced Her to Become an Atheist

By Samantha Sullivan

The Truth About Men & Church

By Robbie Low

Moms Are Influencing Children for Christ. Dads? Not So Much, Survey Finds

By Michael Foust

Christian comic publisher slams DC Comics for making a 'blasphemous' Jesus superhero

By Jeannie Law

Vimeo removes Christian church's account over videos critical of homosexuality

By Drew Belsky

Human Rights Activist: Chinese Christians Were 'Crying' After Receiving 'Smuggled Bibles'

By Robert Kraychik

Va. Public School Indoctrinates 5-Year-Olds About Transgenderism Without Telling Parents

By Casey Chalk

Trump Signs Order Recognizing Golan Heights as Israeli Territory

By Noa Landau and Reuters

Azusa Pacific Drops Ban on Same-Sex Student Relationships, Again

By Morgan Lee

Teen Boy Undressing in Girls' Locker Room Sparks Title IX Complaint

By Michael Foust

Trump Signs Executive Order Protecting Free Speech on College Campuses

By Maggie Haberman and Michael D. Shear

65 Percent of Protestant Pastors See School as 'Negative Influence' on Children's Spiritual Development

By Amanda Casanova

'There Was a Beginning': Famous Geophysicist Explains Why Christian Creation Theory Makes Sense

By Will Maule

Dozens of Hollywood celebrities oppose latest abortion bill in Georgia

By Associated Press


By Tovah Lazaroff

An LGBTQ Mary Poppins? Why the Director Wants a Gay Agenda for the Next One

By Emily Jones

Breathing Babies Tossed in the Garbage: GOP Lawmakers Move to Protect Abortion Survivors

By CBN news

84-y-o widow facing eviction from veterans' home after discussing Heaven, Hell with another resident

By Leah Marie-Ann Klett

Chilling World War III 'wargames' show US forces crushed by Russia and China

By James Rogers

Indiana offers nonbinary gender option on licenses, IDs

By Associated Press

Russia says it's going to arm a submarine with 6 nuclear 'doomsday' devices

By Alex Lockie

YouTube Demonetized My Entire Channel—and You Won't Believe Why

By Michael Brown

A Staggering 11 Christians Are Killed Every Single Day for Simply Believing in Jesus

By Will Maule

Israel Strikes 100 Hamas Targets After Rocket Attacks on Israeli Citizens

By Chris Mitchell, Emily Jones

Student Suspended for Posting Bible Verses in Response to Rainbow Flags

By Carly Hoilman

Democrats introduce bill to force taxpayer-funded abortions

By Calvin Freiburger

CA Bill Would Force Foster Parents to Use Any Transgender Pronouns Foster Children Want

By Steve Warren

Kentucky lawmakers vote to put 'In God We Trust' in schools

By Associated Press

CPS clears mom of 11-year-old drag kid who danced in gay bar for tips

By Samuel Smith

Instagram, Facebook Outages Reveal America's Epidemic Porn Problem

By Tre Goins-Phillips

US warship quarantined at sea due to virus outbreak

By Barbara Starr

A big batch of B-52 bombers is flying into Europe amid heightened tensions with Russia

By Ryan Pickrell