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50,000-year-old remains of extinct cave lion found in Siberia. Russian scientists hope to clone it.

By Michelle Robertson

Another School District Says No to Planned Parenthood Pushing Its Abortion Agenda on Children

By Micaiah Bilger

Christian univ. pressed to end ban on homosexuality

By Michael F. Haverluck

Ancient philistine cemetery discovered in Israel could solve one of the Bible's biggest mysteries

By Andrew Griffin

Iran: Saudi Arabia making a mistake by choosing Israel

By Israel National News

'Like magic': Scientists find way to make old human cells young again

By Reuters

Court: Student can be expelled for calling gay 'marriage' a sin on Facebook

By Felix Ngole

Venezuela: Teenage Girls Turn to Prostitution to Fight Starvation

By Ben Kew

Atheist Immigrant Sues Gov't to Remove 'So Help Me God' in US Citizenship Oath

By Anugrah Kumar

Black Death epidemic at CRISIS POINT: Madagascar plague cases rise 37 per cent in 5 days

By Will Kirby

Sexually transmitted case of Zika confirmed in Miami-Dade

By Monique O. Madan, Linda Robertson and

Why So Much Hatred Against Christians in America Today?

By Michael Brown

Pro-ISIS Video Appears on Hacked New Jersey School Website

By NBC 4 New York

Fear and faith: Church security scrutinized after Texas massacre

By Jon Herskovitz and Lisa Maria Garza

German army 'plans for break up of the European Union' in war game scenario

By The Telegraph News

Saudi Arabia calls missile launch 'act of war' by Iran, vows retaliation

By Gregg Re

NY Governor Cuomo SLAMS Praying For Shooting Victims

By Ben Shapiro

Franklin Graham calls out Planned Parenthood for pushing transgenderism on 3-year-olds

By Lianne Laurence

Trump blocks international support for abortion groups at G7 meeting

By Stefano Gennarini, J.D.

Earthquake on Iran-Iraq Border Leaves Swath of Destruction

By NBC News

Supreme Court to hear crisis pregnancy centers' appeal

By Associated Press

Iraqi lawmakers outlaw Israeli flags, 'Zionist' symbols

By World Israel News

Best-Selling Author Jonathan Cahn Reveals How Christians Today Can Stand Steadfast in the Midst of Apostasy

By FrontLine

US breaks ground for new permanent base in Israel

By Barbara Opall-Rome

New Zealand Removes Jesus' Name From Parliament Prayer

By Stoyan Zaimov

Israeli Shekel Emerges as World's Second-Strongest Currency


Catharsis on the Mall


Air Force preparing to put nuclear-armed bombers back on 24-hour ready-to-fly alert: Report

By Jennifer Harper

Christians Call Transgender Jesus Play in Brazil 'Horrific Spectacle,' Want It Banned

By Stoyan Zaimov

Nepal: President Signs Law Criminalizing Evangelism, Human Rights Group Warns

By Samuel Smith

Church of England Under Pressure After Diocese Votes to Bless Same-Sex Unions

By Anugrah Kumar

Survey: Most Millennials, Gen Z Adults Prefer Texting Over Talking In Person

By Daniel Steingold

Muslim Threats Force Christians to Cancel Massive Celebration in Indonesia

By Charisma News

Saudi Arabia becomes first country to grant citizenship to a robot

By Olivia Cuthbert

Georgetown Univ. Students Accused of 'Hatred,' 'Intolerance' for Not Supporting Gay Marriage

By Brandon Showalter

Israel will 'act militarily' to stop Iran acquiring nuclear weapons intelligence minister

By Reuters

Mike Pence Announces Major Policy Change That Iraqi Christians Have Been Begging For

By Samuel Smith

Some U.K. Schools Do Away With B.C. And A.D. To Be More P.C.

By Joseph Curl

Concern for Chinese Christians Grows as President Xi Becomes Most Powerful Since Communist Leader Mao

By Stoyan Zaimov

George Washington's Church Says Plaque Honoring First President Must Come Down

By Randall Curtis

U.K. Student Banned for Saying Homosexuality is a Sin Will Not Be Allowed to Return, Court Rules

By Beatrice Dupuy

Suicide Car Bombs kill at least 17 people in Somali capital Mogadishu

By Abdi Sheikh

ISIS Slaughters 128 in Syrian Christian Town: 'They Attacked us Like Animals, They Came to Kill Us'


Most Brits Think Only 6 of the 10 Commandments Are Relevant Today: Poll

By Stoyan Zaimov

Christian Artists Must Make Same-Sex Wedding Invitations, Arizona Judge Rules

By Anugrah Kumar

Breakthrough Genetic Testing May Prove Jewish Identity For Thousands

By Eliana Rudee

Mattis says threat of nuclear attack by N.Korea accelerating

By Robert Burns

First ever recorded solar eclipse proves biblical text, scholars say

By Harry Farley

Christian Magistrate Fired for Views on Gay Adoption Loses Court Appeal

By Samuel Smith

Declining Christian Faith in the West 'Absolutely' Hurting Nigerian Church, Bishop Says

By Stoyan Zaimov