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University Removes Bibles From Guest Rooms

By Todd Starnes

UK School Teaches 6-Y-O Kids to Write Gay 'Love Letter' for Same-Sex Marriage Assignment

By Samuel Smith

These Students Are Not Ashamed: Great Photos Show Brave Children Bringing Bibles to School

By Benjamin Gill

Downtown LA Hit With Outbreak Of Flea-Borne Typhus


'We're Going to Shake This Nation with the Good News of Jesus': Teens to Evangelize Nationwide Oct. 13

By Paul Strand

Chinese spy chips found in hardware used by APPLE and AMAZON

By Jordan Robertson and Michael Riley

Indonesia Death Toll Passes 1,500: Body Bags Line Roads, Smell 'Almost Unbearable'

By Stoyan Zaimov

Christian Man Slapped With Human Rights Complaint for Refusing to Make Pro-LGBT Church Signs

By Samuel Smith

EBOLA CRISIS: DR Congo confirm MORE outbreak cases - WHO warns 'we are VERY concerned'

By Joey Millar

How Christians Are Being Driven to Extinction in Nigeria

By ACLI Staff

Anne Graham Lotz Facing a More Serious Cancer Battle Than First Thought

By Benjamin Gill

Top US admiral warns of Russian submarine threat

By Ryan Browne

Iranian General vows to DESTROY Israel in FURIOUS attack

By James Bickerton

This is why British 5,500 troops - including the Mercian Regiment - are in Oman on the biggest UK military exercise in 17 years

By Dan Warburton

American Academy of Pediatrics Guidelines Support Surgical and Hormonal Transition of Children

By Steve Warren

Chinese warship came within 45 yards of USS Decatur in South China Sea: US

By Luis Martinez

Britain has reportedly practiced a cyberattack to send Moscow into total blackout

By Bill Bostock

Myanmar: Communist Rebels Detain Pastors and Shave Their Heads, Destroy Churches

By Will Maule

Prayer Banned at Graduations, School Events After Nation's Largest Atheist Group Complains

By Samuel Smith

Hundreds of Chinese Christian Schoolchildren Forced to Declare They Follow 'No Religion'

By Will Maule

Golden Vessel Used in Jewish Ceremony for First Time Since Second Temple

By Breaking Israel News

UK Baby May Be First Ever Born Without a Mom, Only 'Father' as Birth Parent

By Brandon Showalter

Six cases of rare 'polio-like' illness diagnosed in children in Minnesota

By Jay Croft

Spooky New Kids Film Features Pentagram, Blood Magic and Demons

By Charisma News

Most Millennials Believe the Bible Is 'Just a Book'

By Crystal Woodall

Former Google CEO predicts the internet will split in two — and one part will be led by China

By Lora Kolodny

Louisiana Religious Groups Sue to Block 'Drag Queen Story Time'

By Kayla Root

Evangelical College Azusa Pacific Agrees to Allow LGBT Relationships; Conservatives Slam 'Surrender'

By Stoyan Zaimov

Pastors in China Prepare to Lose Their Lives for Preaching the Gospel, Defying Communist Crackdown

By Stoyan Zaimov

Iran warns U.S., Israel of revenge after parade attack

By Reuters

Texas Board of Ed Defends Decision to Put Moses in Classrooms, Cut Hillary Clinton and Hellen Keller

By Emily Jones

Atheist Group Forces School Officials to Prohibit Prayer for Sick Child

By Will Maule


By World Net Daily

15 Statistics About the Church and Pornography That Will Blow Your Mind

By Luke Gibbons

Netanyahu: US 'made correct decision' in closing PLO office in Washington, D.C.

By Jewish News Syndicate

4,000% Explosion in Kids Identifying as Transgender, Docs Perform Double Mastectomies on Healthy Teen Girls

By Charlene Aaron

US Congress votes $38 billion defense aid to Israel into law

By Ariel Kahana, Erez Linn and Israel Hayom Staff

DHS Terror Advisory Warns of Drone, Chemical Weapon Use Outside Combat Zones

By Bridget Johnson

A Major Federal Court Victory for Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers and Free Speech

By Goeffrey Surtees

China, Russia warn US of consequences over sanctions


Trump Administration to Palestinians: "Nobody is Entitled to America's Foreign Aid"

By Israel Today Staff

Netanyahu thanks U.S. for 'tremendous' support for Israel


Lauren Daigle Tops Music Charts, Beating Ariana Grande, Drake, Nicki Minaj

By Emily Jones

Thousands of Christians Vow to Pray Around the Clock for Revival in America


2 Girl Guide Leaders Terminated for Voicing Safety Concerns With Transgender-Inclusion Policy

By Samuel Smith

'Sabrina,' the teen witch is back - 'extremely Satanic'


Iran Launches Missile into Syria Carrying 'Death to America, Death to Israel' Message

By Breitbart Jerusalem

Christian TV network enters world of 24-hour news

By Ben Finley, Associated Press

CENSORED! How Online Media Companies Are Suppressing Conservative Speech

By Ashley Rae Goldenberg and Dan Gainor

Rabbi warns that implanted microchips could be used as tool to control the populace.

By Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz