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"Rabbi Cahn describes the “Eight Harbingers of Judgment” experienced by Israel and their uncanny parallels to the events of September 11, 2001: his insights are prodigious, overwhelming and foreboding. The consequences that would befall the nation that would not hear the Watchman after experiencing the prior warning which would be a shadow of the cataclysm to come." Bill Somers   More...


Four barrages of mortars fired at southern Israel from Gaza Strip

By Staff

US Embassy: Image of Jewish Temple 'thrust in front' of envoy Friedman for photo

By Michael Bachner and TOI Staff

Russian submarine activity in the North Atlantic has reportedly 'increased tenfold,' and the UK is struggling to keep up

By Christopher Woody

Number of American Christians who believe evangelism is their responsibility plummets, Barna poll says

By Jardine Malado

US may recognize Israeli sovereignty in Golan

By World Israel News Staff

Transgender student wins backing of federal judge in bathroom case

By Christian Today

Leftists are enraged that yet again President Trump ignores Gay Pride Month

By Jews News

Critics Of Bible Silenced Once Again: Archaeological Discoveries Prove Torah To Be Accurate

By Jews News

It begins: Church sued for refusing to host LGBT event

By World Net Daily

Transgender people encouraged to become priests in Church of England diversity drive

By Olivia Rudgard

At least 62 dead in Guatemala as volcano erupts, burying an entire village

By Susan Hogan and Avi Selk

So. Baptist Leader Calls for Repentance, No Sermon at Annual Meeting: 'We Need God to Break Us Down'

By Brandon Showalter

Monitor claims Iran, Hezbollah preparing to pull out of southern Syria

By AP and TOI staff

Flaming kite from Gaza said to spark brush fire in south

By Times of Israel staff

Netanyahu: IDF Dealt 'Harshest Blow in Years' to Gaza Terrorist Groups

By Breitbart Jerusalem

Miss America is scrapping its swimsuit competition, will no longer judge based on physical appearance

By Catherine Thorbecke and Katie Kindelan

Muslim attacker to Jew in Germany: 'Berlin is our city now'

By Art Moore

Trump's Plan to Defund Planned Parenthood Cheers Pro-Life Advocates

By Kate Shellnutt

China steps up pace in new nuclear arms race with U.S. and Russia as experts warn of rising risk of conflict

By Stephen Chen

Maryland Becomes the 11th State to Ban Gay Conversion Therapy for Minors

By Michael Gryboski

Philly Student Uncomfortable Sharing Bathrooms With Opposite Sex Told to 'Tolerate It,' 'Make It as Natural as Possible'

By Stoyan Zaimov

Supreme Court Allows Arkansas Abortion Restrictions to Stand

By Adam Liptak

'Kind of alarming': Number of new gonorrhea cases in Alaska skyrockets in 2017

By Tegan Hanlon

Amid rising tension with Iran, Israel to join largest int'l navy exercise

By Anna Ahronheim

U.S. Supreme Court backs Christian baker who spurned gay couple

By Reuters

Schools Having Separate Bathrooms for Boys, Girls Not Discrimination, DOE Clarifies; Left Media Freaks Out

By Brandon Showalter

Parents Outraged Over Transgender Book's Inclusion in Statewide School Reading Competition

By Samuel Smith

Why Did Scientists Just Create Human-Chicken Embryo Hybrids?

By Aliyah Kovner

America's LGBT Population Rises to 4.5 Percent, Mostly Among Millennials

By Anugrah Kumar

Ambassador Friedman: Evangelicals 'Support Israel With Greater Devotion' Than Many Jews

By Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz

Israeli organization reveals Trump coin in expression of 'gratitude' over embassy move

By Paulina Dedaj

Megachurch Pastor Calls Christians to 'Unhitch' their Faith from the Old Testament


School District Accused of Punishing LGBT Students By Forcing Them to Read the Bible

By Emily Jones

23 Major League Baseball Teams to Host Homosexual 'Pride Night' in 2018

By Heather Clark

Mike Huckabee: California in 'massive attack on Christianity'


Dallas forcing 25-member Jewish congregation to close


Anglican Church of New Zealand Votes to Support Gay Marriage

By Amanda Casanova

'Purge Against Christians' Underway in China as Persecution Ramps Up

By Lindsay Elizabeth

American Muslims are Losing Their Faith Faster Than Christians

By Will Maule

Hamas rejects shipments of medical supplies from Israel

By Becca Noy

Historic Cross that Stood on Michigan State Land For Decades is Removed.

By Veronica Neffinger

Report finds cases of STDs reach all-time high in California

By Associated Press

Feds plan to take ownership of your baby's DNA

By Bob Unruh

Indonesia Church Bombings Carried Out by Family With Children in Tow

By Muktita Suhartono and Rukmini Callimachi

Christian Refuses to Dance to 'Bisexual Anthem' on 'Dancing With The Stars'; 'I Want to Glorify God'

By Michael Foust

North Korea Plans to Destroy Nuclear Test Site Ahead of Trump Summit

By Associated Press

Iowa governor signs 'heartbeat' bill banning abortion after six weeks

By Christine Phillips

Erdogan urges Muslims to 'move as 1' against Israel

By Bob Unruh

Trump on N. Korea threat to cancel summit: 'We'll see'

By Art Moore

Peaceful protest? Hamas admits 50 of 62 'martyrs' were members

By Art Moore