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Legionnaires' disease outbreak at Atlanta hotel is now largest ever recorded in Georgia, health official says

By Madeline Farber

Teen Vogue Uses Snapchat to Instruct Kids How to Get an Abortion

By Tré Goins-Phillips

Washington soon to allow X gender designation on driver's licenses

By KOMO News Staff

California Passes Law to Block Trump from Running for President in 2020

By CBN News

Federal judge sides with transgender student in Va. bathroom case

By Samuel Smith

Bankruptcy filings rising across the country and it could get worse

By John Aidan Byrne

ISIS bombing outside Syrian church wounds 11; 13 others killed by car bombing in Afrin

By Samuel Smith

Evangelical Denomination Expels Entire Congregation Over LGBT Inclusion


NYC public schools begin complete transgender insanity, blindsiding parents

By Tony Perkins

Left-wing clergy gather to 'bless' scandal-plagued Texas abortion facility

By Calvin Freiburger

The Number Of Global Earthquakes Is 3 Times Above Normal – 6.1, 6.6, 7.3 + Dozens More Hit The Ring Of Fire Over The Last 48 Hours

by Michael Snyder

Survey: Half of Britons Atheist, Only 38% Christian, Islam on the Rise

By Vitoria Friedman

Archaeologist Says a Stone Pillar in the City of David is Where Abraham Met Melchizedek

By Chris Mitchell

Ilhan Omar introduces pro-BDS resolution, announces visit to Israel


NEA Teachers' Union Now Supports 'Fundamental Right to Abortion'

By Michael Foust

An elderly Christian couple could be evicted from their Virginia senior living community if they hold a Bible study

By Mark Martin

Will Omar and Tlaib get OK to visit Israel? It may be all up to Netanyahu

By Lukas Mikelionis

Christian doctor sues UK gov't after he was fired for refusing to use transgender pronouns

By Martin M. Barillas

Franklin Graham to CBN News: Samaritan's Purse Heading to Border to Help with Historic Crisis

By Heather Sells

Court OKs Trump Rule Defunding $60 Million from Planned Parenthood

By Michael Foust

Giant Barges Carrying Leviathan Natural Gas Platform Set Out from Texas to Israel

By Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz

Christian Teacher Pushes Back Against California's Radical Sex-Ed Agenda

By Jason Yates

Denying Conversion Therapy to Gay People is Homophobic

By David Sidman

Netanyahu's Son Defends Jesus' Jewishness: It's in the Bible!

By Ryan Jones

California city will remove gender terms, including 'manhole' and 'manmade,' from municipal code

By Christina Coleman

Study finds transgender, non-binary autism link

By Anglia Ruskin University

Judge Upholds Oklahoma Ban on 'Dismemberment Abortion' in Historical Decision

By Michael Foust

Archaeologists say they found town where future king David took refuge from Saul

By Amanda Borschel-Dan

UK politician who lobbied for gender-neutral toilets charged with child sex abuse

By Dorothy Cummings McLean

Ex-IAEA official to 'Post': Iran cutting nuclear breakout time by two months

By Yonah Jeremy Bob

Recently Discovered Ancient Factory for Blue Dye Techelet

By Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz

Amazon bans books on gay 'conversion therapy'. Is the Bible next?

By Michael L. Brown

Disney’s Toy Story 4 praised by LGBT activists for lesbian moms scene

By Martin M. Barillas

Gender Transition Clinic Sees Huge Spike in Children Under 14 Seeking Sex Change

By Will Maule

Shocking photos: Kids lie on man dressed as woman at 'Drag Queen Story Time'

By Follow Doug

Caution urged as scientists look to create human-monkey chimeras

By Sharon Kirkey

Scholars say Philistine genes help solve biblical mystery


10-year-old girl suspended for asking to be exempted from LGBT school lesson

By Doug Mainwaring

Christian Family Takes Norway's Notorious 'Child Welfare' Agency To Court

By Dale Hurd

Declining Faith: One Fifth of All Dutch Churches Converted to Secular Spaces

By Tré Goins-Phillips

Providing families with bucket filters for fresh clean drinking water


Chinese City Offers $1,500 USD Reward for Snitching on Christians

By Lindsay Elizabeth

Scientists Predict Another CA Earthquake in Coming Weeks

By Amy Furr

200 Companies Join Brief Asking Supreme Court to Rule 'Sex' Discrimination Includes Homosexuality, Gender Identity

By Heather Clark

Egypt legalizes 127 Christian churches; over 1,000 approved by government

By Michael Gryboski

Undercover video proves Google interfered in Irish abortion referendum

By Martin M. Barillas

Strongest Earthquake in 20 Years Rattles Southern California

By Associated Press

Student kicked out of class for saying there are only two genders is now expelled

By Doug Mainwaring

Conference Disinvites Bible-Believing Speaker to Create 'Safe Space for Everyone'

By Michael Foust

Former IKEA Employee Sues Company After Being Fired for Expressing Biblical Beliefs

By Andrea Morris